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DoJutra: Hip Gastropub Adds To Pokoyhof Vibe

Formerly just home to the ever popular Szajba, the newly refurbished Pasaż Pokoyhof is now teeming with bars and cafes. One of the first to set up shop in this new hipster hangout was DoJutra, which despite the arrival of several other venues, still stands out as being the best all round bar on the square. 

I first came across DoJutra back in February, and to be honest, I wasn't all that impressed. We normally like to review places as soon as we can, but in the case of DoJutra, I'm glad we waited as the place has slowly but surely come into its own.

In the beginning it seemed something of a nothing, another hipster friendly venue that was copying trends and not really offering any real cutting edge. Over time however the bar has found its place thanks to a modest selection of beers across different price ranges, plus a tasty and affordable international menu.

 Pasaz Pokyhoff Pasaz Pokyhoff

The hummus and chips photographed about were priced in the region of 6zl each, and both satisfyingly complimented the pair of cold beers we sank back in the sunny Pokoyhof courtyard. DoJutra's main meals are decent value too and the staff also proved to be accommodating – recently we were able to enjoy some grilled chicken and salad free of charge after an order duff-up.

There are a few minor grumblings to be had however. The somewhat bland industrial interior does appear to be lacking a bit of a spark, while the transparent chairs are neither comfy nor easy on the eye. The fact that they are only open from 3pm also means you can't enjoy lunch there, which seems a bizarre decision as they are definitely losing out on trade. Last but not least, the blaring music will act as turnoff for some. Of course it's perfectly justified at the business end of a Friday or Saturday night party, but not on a Sunday afternoon, when it can't help but feel a little bit out of place.

Those issues aside, DoJutra does a good job of being one of Pokoyhof's more lively and edgy establishments – providing a much needed contrast to the slightly pretentious Parish Gastropub and the showy (although admittedly very good) Charlotte Bistro. 

Do Jutra, ul .Świętego Antoniego 2/4


Gregor Gowans

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