Power Restrictions To Remain For 3 Weeks

The power restrictions that have been in place since Monday are set to continue until the end of the month. 

The restrictions have been introduced due to the heat-wave that is beginning to stifle the country. The hot temperatures have put more stress on cooling systems in power plants, while simultaneously increasing demand for electricity due to people switching on air conditioning and fans. In the last week, many electrical stores in Wroclaw have even sold out of fans – indicating just how many have turned to them to get some kind of relief from the heat. The Polish Government have deemed the limitations necessary to avoid an uncontrolled overloading of the grid.

It has now been confirmed that restrictions will be in place until the end of the month, during which time large companies will receive only enough energy to be able to ensure the safety of people and to prevent damage to their equipment. Homes and small businesses will remain unaffected however. 

The power limitations have already pushed MPK into cutting the frequency of its trams by 20%, while factories have ceased production and air conditioning has been cut in some shopping centres – providing shoppers with no relief from the city's current heat-wave. 

Jolanta Szczepańska, the President of MPK Wroclaw, today told the press earlier today that had the city not complied with the order to reduce power consumption, they would risk a fine of up to 45 million zł.

As well as reducing the frequency of all routes, MPK have also cut short selected tram lines. One example is line 6, which will no longer travel all the way to Kromera. In such cases replacement bus services have been put in place to plug the gaps. Passengers should be advised that some of the trams listed on the electronic boards simply wont come. Those that are guaranteed to arrive will have a minute countdown counter next to them. 

Large shopping malls have also been bearing the brunt of the power restrictions. According to Gazeta Wroclawska, both major Bielany centres, Ikea, Sky Tower, Astra, Korona and Galeria Dominikanska are all among those to switch off escalators, cut air conditioning or reduce lighting. 

To reduce consumption mining company KGHM have restricted their activities, while Volvo have decided to halt production on Friday and to send many of their administrative staff home to work remotely. 

Gregor Gowans

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