Metro In Wroclaw: No Longer Just A Pipedream?


Many Wroclawians have often dreamed about a having a metro, particularly when stuck in long traffic jams or embarking on a tedious cross city journey on the tram. Unfortunately, the chances of a metro actually coming to fruition have appeared to be virtually zero for years now. That could all be about to change however, with a new report claiming a metro is actually possible – provided sufficient funds are available.

According to today's Gazeta Wroclawska, a group of 30 scientists from the group 'Pan Metro ' have concluded that a metro could (and indeed should) be built in Wroclaw. The only barrier, predictably, is the huge cost involved. The scientists believe that Wroclaw has a reasonably good chance of becoming Poland's second city with an underground, which could feasibly have its first line constructed by 2030. In order to overcome the first hurdle however, Wroclaw's electorate will need to give the project the green light by voting yes for the metro's construction in this Autumn's referendum. 

So how much would it actually cost? The full network of Wroclaw subway lines (seen below) amounts to approximately 36 km. Figures in Gazeta Wroclawsla state the cost of building one kilometer of subway line has ranged from 280 million zł in Singapore, to 430 million zł in Moscow and even 670 million zł in Warsaw. In the case of Wroclaw the figure is estimated to be even higher, which of course entails that funding would need to be drawn in from both the Polish state and the European Union. Securing such funding would hardly be a forgone conclusion. 

Proffessor Andrzej Żelaźniewicz, the President of the Academy of Sciences in Wroclaw, has also found a few challenging obstacles regarding the construction of any possible metro network. He believes it is now impossible to build entrances to subway stops near the intersection of Olawska and Piotr Skargi, while no thought was given to the future possibility of connecting the main train station to a metro line. Żelaźniewicz also stressed that the metro need not be completely underground, and that as much as track as possible should be constructed at street level.

As you can see, despite the metro getting a thumbs up from the aforementioned group of scientists, there are still some massive hurdles to leap over if a Wroclaw underground is ever to become a reality. That said, as the report has found, it is actually feasible.

Will Wroclaw ever have a metro one day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below:

Gregor Gowans

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