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Figa: Cheap, Practical & Tasty

Figa Bistro & Coffee Bar is a welcoming alternative lunch venue for anyone either working or studying in the nearby locomotive factory, business park and private university. 

Until last summer the area around Wroclaw Business Park, Wroclaw Industrial Park and Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa had been restricted to typical Polish staples or greasy fast food. Last summer a new option arrived however, in the shape of Figa, a bistro and cafe with a daily lunch menu, outdoor seating area and reasonable prices.

Figa Figa

Figa's interior is minamilist and practical yet still somewhat colourful – it certainly wouldn't look out of place in the city centre. The regular menu is listed clearly on their blackboard above the bar and features a few burger options, plus some interesting savoury pancakes. I nonetheless snubbed those in favour of the dish of the day, which was priced at a very reasonable 14zl (add just 5zl for their soup of the day). For a midday energy boost it was also possible to pick up a bottle of fizzy mate for 6zl – pretty good seeing as that's the same price many supermarkets charge. 

Figa Figa

Onto the dish of the day then, which was chicken wrapped in bacon served with vegetables, rice and a creamy sauce. While being far from the best meal I've every had in the city, this hearty concoction was one that undoubtedly offered great value. The food was warm and tasty with the ingredients in the dish nicely balanced. Having had a nosey peer at some of the other meals being dished out, it has to be said that they looked rather appetizing too. 


Given Figa's clean and pleasant interior, decent food and low prices, they seem to be onto a winner. Instead of opening their bistro in the centre of the town where they'd struggle to stand out, they have set up shop in area that could badly do with an alternative option. The end result is a bonus to the many people working and studying nearby, who are no longer restricted to pierogi or gyros for their dinner or lunch break. 

Figa Figa Figa 

One other interesting observation is the seating area downstairs (above right), which comes with a built in cooker. One can only assume then that some cooking classes and workshops take place here, adding to the multi-dimensional character of the venue. 


Figa Bistro & Coffee Bar, ul. Wagonowa 5-7

Telephone: 570 950 401, Website

Gregor Gowans

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