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Etno Cafe: Enjoy Coffee While Wroclaw Passes You By

You may remember we brought you news of Etno Cafe winning a tender for the iconic Pl. Kosciuszki kiosk. Well they've now completed the job and turned the place into a small and somwewhat charming cafe.

Etno Cafe are a Wroclaw based, ecologically minded coffee company that have been selling their organic Ethiopian coffee at various markets, shops and cafes for a good few years now. Given the growth their brand has enjoyed in recent times, it comes as no surprise that they've started running a cafe themselves. 

Etno Cafe Etno Cafe

In keeping with their alternative mindset, Etno Cafe chose the unconventional kiosk on Pl.Kosciuszki as their destination of choice. With the rent rumoured to be around 6,000zl a month, they'll certainly have to shift a good number of coffee's to be safely in the black. That said, given the huge amount of pedestrian traffic in the area, the cafe's management are optimistic about their prospects. 

The kiosk itself grants little room for most businesses, let alone a cafe. Even so, a clever design with benches run around the curve of the kiosk's perimeter allows just enough space for a small crowd to gather without feeling too squashed.  

Etno Cafe Etno Cafe

Naturally Etno Cafe is geared more towards people coming and going rather than those who seek to lounge around and soak up the atmosphere for a few hours. You may of course order a coffee and sit in, while you can also take your time to enjoy one of their freshly made sandwiches with your coffee. Nevertheless, the majority would be expected to grab their stuff and go – something that Etno Cafe's staff seem well prepared for. If coffee isn't your thing, there are also various soft drinks to choose from alongside a small selection of cakes. 

Etno Cafe Etno Cafe

On my visit I ordered a quick morning espresso to get fired up for another long day at the office. From my short time inside the kiosk however, it was clear to see that Etno Cafe's best asset is that it allows you to take a short break and just watch the city revolve around you. There's something relaxing about sitting back for a few minutes while the people of Wroclaw move at pace in front of your very eyes. Etno Cafe's location is perfect for this activity and considering the coffee is great too, it is certainly worth a visit in Wroclaw Uncut's book. 

Etno Cafe, Pl. Tadeusz Kosciuszki

Telephone: 71 307 10 03, Website

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