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City Bike Expansion Boosts User Numbers

The expansion of Next Bike's rental system has seen usage skyrocket in comparison with the last year. 

Currently boasting 72 docking stations and 720 bikes, the expanded Next Bike system has recorded sky high statistics for it's first 3 weeks of operation in 2015.

In the whole of 2014 the bikes were used 138,000 times. In comparison, after a mere 3 weeks of the system running in 2015, the 100,000 barrier has already been reached. According to, the bikes were used 7,000 times last week alone – meaning that each bike was used on average 10 times a day. 

It hasn't all been plain sailing however, as a fair number of complaints have been issued regarding removing the bikes from their electromagnetic docking stations. Next Bike have nonetheless promised to look into the system to iron out the glitches and improve the experience for all its users. 

Gregor Gowans

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