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Baszta: Bold and Beautiful Thai Fusion Cuisine

Baszta, a Thai fusion restaurant located in the remnants of a medieval watchtower, serves delicious, colour-coordinated, vegan and vegetarian dishes, all of which are jam-packed with fresh ingredients and coated in rich and tasty house sauces. 

Baszta is so much more than just a place to eat. The spacious watchtower often doubles, or should I say, quadruples, over as a cafe, pub, open art gallery, and concert venue. The staff like to invite both local and foreign bands to play shows and they also readily redecorate their interior with art from independent local artists.

Baszta Baszta

The locale's architectural layout has the potential to generate three distinguished experiences. The outdoor patio, located between a medieval wall and a row of functionalist-style flats, seems like the perfect place to enjoy their unique bottled beer collection.

Meanwhile the first floor, equipped with a tall table, bar chairs, a couch and a coffee table, has a definite cafe feel to it. The vibe here would probably best suit sitting back and enjoying Baszta's fresh fruit cocktails with a slice of original artisan cake, or a scoop of their vegan ice-cream.


The top floor, decorated with original and locally produced artwork, is filled with the sound of chirping of birds and luscious greenery, which peers in through the open windows. The atmosphere here lends itself more to a leisurely dinner.


However, enough about the architectural specs and onto the star of the show – the food itself!

The appropriately extensive menu includes a couple of starters, a variation of colourful curry dishes, Pad Thai, stir-fry rice noodles, and salads – all jam-packed with delicious sauces, fresh fruit and veggies.

We decided to go with the Mango Chilli Pad Thai (tofu, mango, shallots, leek, Mung bean sprouts, carrots, zucchini, yellow bell peppers, baby corn, baby spinach and cashews) and the Tamaryndowy Pad Thai (tamarind, tempeh, shallots, leek, mung bean sprouts, eggplant, mushrooms, bell pepper, Chinese cabbage, baby spinach, peanuts, and Shiitake mushrooms).

Baszta  Baszta

We finished off our meal with a slice of New York Cheesecake, sans strawberries, and a couple bottles of brew – Rye AIPA and Wheat Krusovice.

Both main dishes were delicious but very distinct, and hence, it's rather impossible to say, which dish would take the cake.

The Mango Chili was rich, a tad sweet, and only slightly spicy. Most of the ingredients literally popped with flavour as they were cooked to the degree where they still provided that fresh veggie crunch. The beautifully yellow mango chili sauce tasted like a fresh spice-infused puree and helped transform the Pad Thai into a masterful composition.

The Tamaryndowy Pad Thai was a bit lighter, much more tangy and a smidge bitter. The veggies used in this Pad Thai aren't naturally suited to provide much crunch, and hence, they might have benefited from being cooked to a greater tenderness. However, the flavours all meshed with each other brilliantly.


For desert, we plumped for the New York Cheesecake (unfortunately, served without strawberries). The piece of cake was thick and dense. It was definitely more sour than sweet, but overall I'd say it was relatively tasty. Next time though, I think I'll sample their Green Tea Ice Cream.

On the whole, Baszta is an amazing space – filled with delicious flavours, art, music, fresh air, and people enjoying each other's company – and I, for one, am definitely looking forward to exploring more and more of what they have to offer.

Baszta, ul.Kraińskiego 14

Telephone: 603 510 835, Website

Melania Sulak

Melania Sulak hails from Toronto but she's been living in Wrocław for some time now. Her captivation with the city's cultural life has led her to join Wrocław Uncut, to which she's been contributing since 2014.

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