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Taormina: Satisfying Take Away Pizza

Wroclaw has plenty of great pizza places in the shape of Pizza Love Pane, Happy Little Truck and Piec Na Szewskiej. Still, the more options the better – particularly if you can find something closer to home. While not quite hitting the same highs as the aforementioned trio, Pizzeria Taormina offers affordable and satisfying pizza that would be appreciated by anyone living nearby their 3 locations. 

Having enjoyed a walk in the sun on a bright spring Saturday afternoon, we stopped by Taormina's restaurant/take away on Łódzka street, nearby the Aquapark. 

Pizzeria Taormina Pizzeria Taormina

The restaurant's interior is rather minimalist and devoid of character, which of course can be expected of a place more suited for taking away than sitting in. That said, it was clean and comfy enough, while it was also great to see the pizza being made in the open kitchen. 

Pizzeria Taormina

A quick glance on the menu reveals that pizzas at Taormina come exclusively in an enormous 42cm diameter – either in the traditional Italian thin base or the American deep-pan variety. Obviously this is ideal if you are hungry or sharing with a friend or two, but can naturally prove too much to stomach if you are eating on your own. Should the size end up being a step too far, you can nonetheless ask for a free pizza box and finish your meal at home later.

Pizzeria Taormina Pizzeria Taormina

Keen to compare Taormina with Wroclaw's best Italian style pizzerias, we choose to order the thin base option for both pizzas. The first of the pair was a simple salami pizza, with the second coming with added fresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil and a splash of olive oil.  

Both pizzas were a cut above your standard take away in Wroclaw, yet lacked that little something extra that we've found in Pizza Love Pane, Happy Little Truck and Piec Na Szewskiej. Whether it was the sharpness in the tomatoes or the flavour of the base and the crust, Taormina's offering unfortunately just falls a little short when it comes to taking the crown of the best pizza in the city.

Even so, it's tough to find too much wrong with Taormina's pizza, which is pretty good value for money considering they are easily big enough to satisfy two people. The base was pleasantly thin and easily folds for eating by hand, the tomato sauce was tasty and there was no unnecessary deluge of cheese on top either. When it comes down to it, these were perfectly good take away pizzas that you'd gladly get delivered to your door on a lazy day. 

Pizzeria Taormina

Ultimately, while Taormina doesn't quite have enough in its locker to wow avid pizza enthusiasts, it does offer satisfying take away pizza at an affordable price – making it a great last minute option for anyone living nearby their three locations.

Pizzeria Taormina, ul. Łódzka 25a (shown in the map below) + Strachocińska 53 (short drive from Volvo offices) + Czekoladowa 58 (not far from Auchan Bielany) 

Telephone: 71 373 94 94, Website

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