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Czeski Film: Old School Cavern Pub

The last few years have seen sweeping changes to Wroclaw's nightlife scene, with the arrival of modern venues championing the latest trends one of the main themes. Czeski Film, neatly hidden away in the courtyard behind the Guinness pub, is one place that has nonetheless resisted change – and is all the better for it.  

This is typical Wroclaw pub of yesteryear still has enough of a charm to attract a regular clientele into it's dark, candle lit labyrinth of underground rooms. There are no craft beers on tap, no uber-cool soft drinks and no trendy snacks. What you will find however, is a pleasant, unpretentious city centre pub where you can comfortably enjoy a drink in peace. 

Czeski Film Czeski Film Czeski Film 

Czeski Film, much like Salvador and Graciarnia, is one of a surviving breed of Wroclaw bars that take the old-school furniture and candle lit table approach. This simple concept is a bit of rarity nowadays, giving places like Czeski Film arguably even more appeal than they had before.

Yes, the place might be a bit worn out, dark and strangely laid out – but in terms of a 'normal' bar in which to enjoy a few drinks with friends, Czeski Film is certainly up to the task. So if you are one of those struggling to adapt to Wroclaw's new found love affair with the hipster fad, be sure to give this place a visit. 

Czeski Film 

Czeski Film, Kiełbaśnicza 2

Tel: 71 342 25 49, Facebook Page

Gregor Gowans

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