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Woo Thai: Fiery Thai Street Food

Woo Thai, one of many Asian restaurants to arrive on the scene in recent times, looks to be up there with the best of the bunch. Boasting a student friendly location, low prices and properly spicy Thai cuisine fired up by Thai chefs, this street food haunt looks certain to become a local favourite. 

There is little in the way of luxury inside Woo Thai's rather gritty interior. Nonetheless, a picture perfect dining experience is not really what this restaurant is looking to excel in. Here, it's all about the food. The hard working Thai chefs can easily be seen slaving away in the restaurant's open kitchen, frying up quick street food dishes in no time in their scorching hot woks. The whole 'street food' thing isn't just some marketing fad either – you can easily take your plate away with you to eat outside on a pretty day. With many University buildings nearby, that is sure to go down a treat with the student community. 

Woo Thai Woo Thai

The interior is a clash of colours and styles, with the cold metallic wall opposite the kitchen contrasting the warmer wooden furniture. As alluded to earlier, it's not the most comfortable of surroundings. That doesn't really matter however, as this street food restaurant is more focused on making great food fast. 

Woo Thai Woo Thai

The day's specials are displayed clearly on the blackboard, while further options can be found in their little pamphlet menu, which can be taken home should you fancy ordering a take-away. 

A quick scan through the options reveals there are several dishes marked with a 'Warning – Thai Spicy' label. Keen to find out just how spicy 'Thai Spicy' actually is, I plumped for the Moo Phad Cha, which contained fried pork, baby sweetcorn and green vegetables together with fiery peppercorns and a portion of rice. The dish certainly lived up to its super spicy label, even for a lover of hot food such as myself. Still, you could feel that the dish was authentically rather than artificially spicy – as opposed to the chili powder doused vindaloo curries that 'the lads' would look for at an Indian restaurant in the UK. 

Thankfully Woo Thai do serve the ideal antitode to the flaming hot dishes in the shape of Singha Lager (photographed above), although the 10zl asking price does seem a bit steep. Alternatively, there are plenty of refreshing soft drinks to choose from. 

Woo ThaiFor those with a phobia of spicy food, there are other tasty dishes to be had at Woo Thai, such as this Kang Gatee Kai, which is cooked in a mild coconut milk sauce. This admittedly felt rather bland for my tastebuds, but acted as a perfect compliment to the Moo Phad Cha spice bomb. 

Woo ThaiAside from the typical Thai main courses, Woo Thai also serve various starters, soups and snacks, while there are plenty of vegetarian options too. 

All in all, if you love Asian food and you don't mind eating from a plastic plate, you can't do much better in Wroclaw than head to Woo Thai. The cuisine is affordable and seems to be real deal, especially if you like things 'Thai Spicy'. If you are student living in the Grunwaldzka area, this street food hangout is certainly a must visit! 

Woo Thai, Grunwaldzka 67

Tel: 71 321 07 07 website

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