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Mango Mama: An Oriental Whirlwind in Śródmieście

Mango Mama, which recently opened in an unpresuming part of Śródmieście, is a unique eatery inspired by the culinary traditions of the Indo-Asian continent.

This small but cozy and colourful restaurant serves up a whirlwind of oriental dishes. They serve specialties from India, Thailand and Japan prepared with motherly tender loving care at affordable prices. Even though their menu is extensive, complex and aspires to accommodate to every potential diner's gustatory whim, the prices stay fixed between the 15-35zł for lunch and dinner options.


Since the place is still undergoing some final refurbishments, we were quickly informed that there was no menu to be browsed, and that a waitress would be with us shortly to help us elaborate on what we were in the mood for.

As we were positively famished, we decided to go for a few courses. Firstly, we asked for Caramelized Sweet Potato Fries (9zł) with sweet chilli sauce (1zł) and Samosas (9zł) with fresh mint sauce (1zł) as starters. I must say that the Carmelized Sweet Potato Fries with chilli sauce were absolutely fantastic! I've been waiting a long time for this alternative healthy version of fries to be made available in Wrocław and Mango Mama's version, which serves them glazed in a tangy lime marinade and sprinkled with black sesame seeds definitely did not disappoint.

Mango Mama

The Samosas, stuffed with caraway-spiced potatoes, green peas and onions, must have been handmade a few minutes before serving, as they were scorching hot and delicate in form. The Samosas I've grown accustomed to have always had a traditional Indian kick of spiciness, however these seemed to be the "Polish-ed" version and provided no hotness whatsoever. This of course doesn't mean that they weren't tasty, because they were, but if you prefer your Samosas hot and spicy, I'd suggest opting for something else.

Mango Mama Mango Mama

After finishing our starters and filling up on Coke's hipster sister, the stark white soft drink Mr.Dark (7zł) and Mango Lassi (10zł), a yoghourt and mango smoothie, we were both still feeling rather hungry.

Mango MamaFor the main course, we had both decided on the classic British/Indian fusion dish Chicken Tikka Masala (in house 25zł / online 23zł). Our waitress informed us that, aside from the already included mango-infused rendition of a pseudo-sauerkraut salad, we would have to choose either Naan bread or basmati rice to complete the meal. This was slightly disappointing, as I am used to having both sides when enjoying Indian cuisine. However, we decided that one of us would take the Naan and the other the rice, and we'd share.

When the dishes arrived, the bowls of chicken looked like they were portioned for children and the Naan bread arrived literally in one piece. However, upon digging in, it turned out that the bowl of Tikka Masala was in fact, fairly stuffed to the brim with chicken. Portion sizes aside, the main meal was very fresh and tasted good, but it did lack the traditional Indian hotness, which I so enjoy.

Before leaving, we were informed that Mango Mama also serve various Thai stir-fry dishes such as Pad Thai (29/35zł) and that a sushi chef joins the culinary team a couple times a week to whip up some raw fish creations at decent prices.

Ultimately, we left Mango Mama's satiated and feeling happy to have eaten fresh, healthy food made with great care and expertise.

Mango Mama Mango Mama

Mango Mama, Jednosci Narodowej 77

Tel: 535 653 692 website

Melania Sulak

Melania Sulak hails from Toronto but she's been living in Wrocław for some time now. Her captivation with the city's cultural life has led her to join Wrocław Uncut, to which she's been contributing since 2014.

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