Greenway: Quick Vegetarian Eats (closed)

If you’re looking for a quick, breezy place to get a good vegetarian lunch, you may fancy stepping into Greenway, where there's prompt service, an airy atmosphere and an English menu.

The menu is a touch international in focus, offering enchiladas, curry and a Chinese-noodle dish as well as Polish favorites like baked pierogis and crepes.

Their baked pierogis are stuffed with savory mushrooms and topped with a delicious cream sauce. The Mexican stew meanwhile, is very filling, hearty with beans and fresh veggies. Their curry also comes piled with fresh red peppers, broccoli and tofu. All of Greenway's entrees come paired with fresh Polish style salads such as shredded beetroot and carrot.

Greenway WroclawWhile Greenway's specials aren’t written in English, the waiting staff are accommodating if you need translations. One delicious special is their savory take on moussaka, which was layered with tomatoes, eggplant, cheese and slices of potato. Their soups, which are always simple yet flavorful and rotate on a daily basis, vary from standard offerings like tomato or cabbage, to others less common such as red lentil. The entrees are all reasonably priced, between 16 and 17 zl, while the portions are always filling.

Greenway Wroclaw

Since it’s near the main market square in Rynek, the restaurant's big windows make it easy to people watch. Given how close it is to Vega, it’s hard to avoid the inevitable comparisons. For me, Greenway is often quieter, making it a better choice if you need to get work done on your lunch break. 

Vegans take note: cheese and dairy is on the menu, but all the items are clearly marked as vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten free.

On the downside, the food at Greenway can sometimes be rather under spiced. A recent visit found the curry seriously lacking. Another thing is that on almost every visit, they’ve been out of one or two dishes. It wasn’t clear if they had run out, or if only certain dishes are made on certain days. While I’ve always found something on the menu I like, it can be a little frustrating. 

If you prefer to stick to locally run restaurants, it is also worth noting that Greenway is a franchise with plenty of other locations in Poland.

Greenway, Kuźnicza 11/13

Phone: 71 341 90 98, website


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Evelyn Aschenbrenner
A resident of Wrocław for almost a year and a vegetarian for 19 years, Evelyn Aschenbrenner has also written restaurant reviews for newspapers in her native city of Detroit.

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