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For some time in Wroclaw, Indian food was something you always had to cook at home. Thankfully for those not so skilled in the art of making a curry, it's now possible to get your spice fix in restaurants such as Masala, Mango Mama and Buddha Lounge.

For anyone seeking to get stuck into a variety of Indian cuisine at one sitting, Buddha Lounge's Sunday Indian Food festival offers the ideal the solution. For a perfectly reasonable 29zl, you can stuff yourself to your hearts content with regional Indian dishes of all shapes, colours and sizes.

Every Sunday there are 8 hot-plates containing various types of traditional Indian food from different regions, two of which are taken up by staples such as rice and naan. Aside from that you can expect there to be a couple of kinds of pakora or other 'pick me up food', two or possibly three different curries, plus a sweet option to finish. You can check out exactly what will be on the menu each week via the restaurant's Facebook page


Buddha Lounge's interior is certainly a far cry from the average old fashioned Indian restaurants you'd find in the UK. Spacious, comfy, and most of all – modern, Buddha Lounge appears to typify the 'New India' many people are talking about. 


Having received my plate from the waitress, on my first visit to the Indian Food Festival I naturally set out to have a bit of everything. The plate above is a typical example of what you can put together with the 8 options available each week, all of which boast different spice levels and textures. This contrast of flavours really works nicely and even if one of the sauces is a tad spicy for your palate, you can always find another dish to cool things down. Alternatively, you can of course order a refreshing Mango Lassi or a cold lager.


When choosing to go for an Indian, the relatively high cost compared to local food can be off-putting for some. Still, one has to consider the price of importing the right ingredients and equipment, as well as employing a quality chef.

What the Indian Food Festival does do very well however, is create a regular event where people can enjoy plenty of different Indian dishes for a reasonable price. The quality is good, there's a vibrant selection of cuisine and the atmosphere is generally friendly and welcoming.  It also gives you the opportunity to go beyond your natural 'safety zone', as you can sample some dishes you would not typically order from the menu.

For a curry lover like myself, Buddha Lounge's Indian Food Festival provides a regular occasion to indulge in a generous feast of exotic food, while those unfamiliar with country's cuisine may soon find themselves hooked.  

Buddha Lounge, ul.Rzeznicza 28-31

Phone: 502088474, website


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