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Kult Kiosk To Become Street-side Cafe

The 360 degree kiosk on Kościuszki square is to be transformed into a cafe and ticket office. The Hamda Trade company, owners of the Etno Cafe coffee brand, were victorious in the bid for the tender of the property and will pay a whopping 6,000zl per month in rent.

The city hall were willing to accept offers over 2,500zl per month for the tender of the small building, with businesses such as banks, convenience stores, pawnshops, pharmacies and telecoms shops all banned from the bidding process. The restrictions on the tender were placed so as to find a concept that would "create an activity that would be representative of Świdnicka street". 

Hamda Trade's monster bid worth 6,000zl per month in rent won the tender, fueling speculation that the companies coffee brand, Etno Cafe, will turn the kiosk into a cafe. It is also thought that the place will operate as a ticket office for nearby cultural venues such as Capitol Theatre, the Opera and DCF Cinema. The kiosk covers an area of approximately 54sq metres and has a capacity of around 10 people, so it is likely that take-away coffee will be cafe's main business.

The area between Renoma and Arkady shopping centres has no shortage of pedestrian traffic, making it an enticing location for businesses. Even so, the proposed cafe will have to generate big sales to make a healthy profit given the sheer burden of the high rental costs. 

Will this new venture prove to be a success? Let us know your thoughts via the Facebook comments section below: 

Gregor Gowans

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