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ZZ Top: Old School Fast Food Re-Imagined

ZZ Top, a small snack bar located on the corner of Krupnicza and Kazimierza Wielkiego, aims to bring two old Polish street food favourites into the 21 Century.  

The "ZZ" in ZZ Top stands for "Zupa and "Zapiekanka" (soup and Polish style French bread pizza).

On the other side of the market square, soup kitchen Zupa has already proven how popular a good bowl of soup can be, while the Zapiekanki in Krakow's Kazimierz district have been selling like hot cakes for years. With Wroclaw currently without a place that specializes in the two, ZZ Top could well be on to something.  

ZZ Top

ZZ Top's fast food friendly interior certainly lends itself to a quick bite rather than a leisurely dinner, with the perimeter of the snack bar lined with a small desk and sturdy stools.  The Greek tiled walls make the place rather bright even in the evenings, while the menu is clearly displayed in large text above the bar. It's not exactly the most inspirational of interiors, but it is clean, practical and functional.   

ZZ Top ZZ Top  

Just like at the aforementioned Zupa, ZZ Top have a number of additives to provide a bit of texture or spice to your soup, whether it be croutons, seeds or chili infused olive oil.  On our visit we plumped for ZZ Top's beatroot soup, a Polish classic that was put together wonderfully.

At the famous hole in the hall Zapekienki places in Krakow, you can order interpretations of the humble Zapiekanka that stray well beyond the traditional cheese, ham and mushroom combo. The same is true here at ZZ Top, where you can order Zapienkanki with Greek, Italian and even British influences. The 'Disco Polo' Zapiekanka we sampled, while not being anything worth raving about, was certainly a cut above your average Zapiekanka.

ZZ Top ZZ Top 

Ultimately, what we have here is a solid if not unspectacular snack bar, one that can quickly serve you some decent fast food in a clean and safe environment.  ZZ Top's friendly staff, reasonable prices and convenient location are all positive attributes, but the place lacks the wow factor to required to have you craving multiple visits.  

ZZ Top, Kazimierza Wielkiego 25 1a

Tel: 518 294 274,  website

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