Cocomo’s Dirty Secrets Revealed


The underhand tactics behind Cocomo strip club&#39s huge earnings have been revealed by former employees of the seedy nightclub venue. 

Cocomo, which has now been re-branded as Princess after a series of scandals hit the headlines, made millions of zloty in profit by fleecing drunk customers who paid by credit card. 

The tactics used to obtain the money have now been revealed by former employees of Cocomo, many of whom are suing the club for unpaid commission bonuses.

The girls performing lap dances were offered commission rates of around 30% on bottles of champagne, which were sold to clients at prices up to thirty times their average retail value. After taking up the offer of a private dance for around 120zl, clients were then encouraged to buy a bottle of the ridiculously overpriced champagne – some of which cost just shy of 1,500zl.

Cameras throughout all of Cocomo's venues allowed the strip club's chain of command to pull the strings at all of their branches in Poland, where pressure was put on staff to rake in as much cash as possible from foreigners and anyone paying by card. If the credit card happened to be a gold or platinum one,  then it was very much game on as far as Cocomo were concerned. The topless dancers would distract the clients when the sky high figure appeared on the screen of the card reader, allowing the club to rake in thousands from unsuspecting men. In some cases the process would be repeated until the bank blocked the transaction, bleeding some of the clients' accounts dry.

The comments from former staff were published in this Gazeta Wyborcza article, where the dancers revealed that Cocomo have failed to pay them their bonuses following the closure of the business that ran the club. 

The owner of Cocomo, a former football hooligan and infamous religious fanatic, has allegedly just purchased an apartment in Barcelona, where he is said to be swanning about in his flashy Ferrari. 

Gregor Gowans

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