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Cafe Wytwornia: Sophistication On Bogusławskiego

Wroclaw's stretch of pubs and restaurants along Bogusławskiego street have long been synonymous with cut priced grub and booze. While not exactly being pricey, Cafe and Bar Wytwórnia is a sign that gentrification could be slowly but surely spreading its wings over the area.

That prospect may appear rather worrying, but if more bars like Wytwórnia spring up it won't necessarily be a bad thing at all. Prices here are only slightly higher than at the neighbouring bars, while the variety and quality of produce on offer is significantly better than at the bog standard burger, pizza and kebab places located further down the street.   


The staff in Wytwórnia are welcoming and motivated to get the place off and running, while the playlist is cool mix of alternative, indie and electronic music .

As regards the decor, hipster clichés have been avoided by the absence of the ever fashionable pallet based furniture. Instead, the bar and cafe have gone for old school dark wooden furniture, echoing the likes of Mleczarnia. On top of that, the pair of swing chairs by the window add to the cafe's charm.  


When it comes to the drinks selection, Wytwórnia have kept to the Bogusławskiego street tradition of offering Czech beer a plenty, while there are also a few regional Polish brews on tap and in bottle. 

If you have worked yourself an appetite, Wytwórnia have two different menus to choose from depending on the time of day. The lunchtime menu is a small but creative and attractive list of meals, at least one of which is vegetarian. On my visit I ordered the chicken with cous-cous, which was elegantly presented and delicately cooked. In the evening, the kitchen shif their focus to various hot and cold snacks that can be prepared and served quickly, effectively turning the place into a higher quality Przedwojenna or Ambassada.

Wytwornia Wytwornia IMG_20141104_133913079_HDR

While not exactly being anything to rave about, Wytwórnia definitely adds to Bogusławskiego street's attraction and is a pleasant place in which to pass the time – no matter what hour of the day. Prices are reasonable, the produce is decent and the atmosphere is fine too, which makes this a must visit bar on any Bogusławskiego pub crawl. 

Wytwórnia, ul. Bogusławskiego 55

Tel: 71 725 70 07,  website

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