Review: Herbaciarnia K2

Herbaciarnia K2 is a tea house with a charming interior and loyal following. But does it have the quality and quantity of produce to match? We paid a visit to find out …

Herbaciarnia K2 is located in the very heart of Wroclaw, a mere stone’s throw away from the central Rynek. Tucked away in an alcove off of Kiełbaśnicza Street, it may not be the easiest café to find, especially for non-locals. Yet despite its location, K2 is a very popular spot and has even become a favoured date destination and meet-up place, especially amongst students. This does mean that it can sometimes be a bit challenging to find a table, especially in the evenings.

After clambering up a steep flight of stairs and entering the locale, the rather traditional yet quaint character of K2 is immediately evident; the cosy ambience and furnishing creates an illusion of a warm, spring day inside this living room-style café. The faux-sky ceiling and meadow-like, floral murals on the back walls only add the to K2’s rustic aura. Scattered around the space, you will find vintage knick-knacks of all sorts, including photo frames, tennis rackets, wicker baskets, and dried flowers. The theme of spring seems to pervade the decor, and the quirky, sand-filled tables and rug-covered wooden floors enhance the countryside-like climate. Possibly the only thing that ruins the mood is the background music playing from the radio, which very often clashes with the charming nature of the place.

Unfortunately, K2’s appearance is about the only thing that is praiseworthy. Despite being a tea house, the tea selection isn't as varied as you'd expect. Non-flavoured teas (such as green, black, Yerba Mate, and Pu-Ehr) are all available, although you can definitely find cafes with better classic teas in Wroclaw. You can however get teas with flavoured syrups or marmalades, which are a lot more original and alluring. When it comes to coffee, k2 serve up standard orders, plus both iced tea and flavoured coffees (of which I recommend the Pistachio-Vanilla flavoured variety). The alcoholic drinks menu consists of cocktails, wine, mulled wine for the colder seasons, and a selection of chiefly Polish beers, of which the ‘Autumn special’ – beer infused with apple, cloves and cinnamon syrup – seems to be a favourite amongst the clientele.

As regards desserts, those with a sweet tooth will sadly be dissapointed with K2's offering, which is limited to a few different flavours of ice cream; a couple of milkshake flavours; toast served with various fruits and sweet condiments; and a very small selection of cakes. The ‘toast’ with Nutella and banana we ordered was not at all toasted and it could probably be made just as easily (and probably better too) at home. The slice of apple pie we received was even worse – cold, even inedible, and definitely not worth the 7.50zl asking price.

The other off-putting element of K2 is the slow service. On our visit there were only two waitresses serving the entire café for the majority of the time, and sometimes a solitary barista was all that was left to keep the place running. This is definitely not enough to serve the entire locale, especially in the evenings and in the summer, when more customers occupy the additional seating in the garden. The demand on the waitresses appears simply too high, which can of course result in customers receiving food and drink that often arrives cold.

If you are looking for a pleasant date destination, somewhere to meet up with friends for a quiet drink, or are simply seeking refuge from the cold outside, then Herbaciarnia K2 may be the place for you. However, the rather inexpensive and varied, yet conventional – and at times, unappealing – menu is most certainly not one of K2’s strengths. The result is a tea house that is regrettably not one we can recommend with confidence.



Herbaciarnia K2, Kiełbaśnicza 2

Tel: 71 372 34 15,  website

Alexandra Smith

Wroclaw Uncut's youngest recruit, Alexandra has grown up in Wroclaw having moved here 7 years ago. A lover of cafe culture, Alexandra happily spans the city in search of the ideal place for a cuppa. Alexandra is also on a mission to bring the opinions of Wroclaw's younger community to the masses, making sure the voice of the city's future generations is heard loud and clear.

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