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Panato Cafe: A Question Of Time

Nadodrze's Panato Cafe offers a truly unique experience in Wroclaw – a place where you pay for the time you spend rather than the quantity you consume.

Nadodrze's revitalisation has seen many alternative businesses spring up in recent years – some hit, some miss. Fortunately Panato is one of the former rather than the latter, owing to a unique atmosphere which blends in elements of a hostel, co-working space and a cafe. 

The atmosphere is partly generated by a novel pricing concept and self service culture unlike any other cafe. When you walk in the staff hand you a card with the time and date, from which the bill will be calculated before you go. From the moment you arrive until you leave, you are pretty much left to your own desires and can take as little or as much as you wish from the shelves.  

This system certainly relies on the majority of customers showing a little self restraint. In theory you could make yourself an espresso, scoff a nice cake and grab yourself a soft drink in a mere ten minutes, paying a rather embarrassingly low 3.75zl.  Of course, most of us would be too embarrassed to do such a thing, meaning the system benefits those who wish to use the place as a workstation for a few hours. The longer you stay in Panato, the cheaper it gets. Indeed, if you can somehow spend 5 hours in the place, Panato will stop charging you above the original bill. Even if you are only popping in for a quick drink, you'll only be charged 7.50zl for 30 minutes. So if you snare yourself a tea and a croissant, you can hardly complain about value for money.

Panato Cafe Panato Cafe Panato Cafe 

The place has a rather hip and ecological look to it with chipboard tables and artistic works all over the shop, which generates a warm and cool vibe. As does the self service culture, which is reminiscent of common areas inside a hostel. 

Panato Cafe Panato Cafe

At the back of the cafe you can also find a cool shop with plenty of hand crafted items made here in Wroclaw – ideal if you are looking for an alternative to the tacky souvenirs you'll find in the centre. The same area backs up as a workshop complete with a 3d printer, which can even be used to print your own designs. 

Panato Cafe Panato Cafe

All in all, it has to be said Panato Cafe is a pleasant place in which to either sit down and enjoy a warm drink, or get some work done inside a creative, vibrant space. Whether its pricing concept will work out for them or not is another matter however. Nonetheless, Panato is well worth visiting, even if it is just to sample this unique cafe experience.   

Panato Cafe, ul. Jedności Narodowej 68

Tel: 600 916 306,  website

Gregor Gowans

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