Pan Croissant: Simple Food On The Go (CLOSED)

There are a few gaps in the market here in Wroclaw and for every 5 new burger joints, there's typically at least one new place in town that dares to offer something that little bit more novel. Pan Croissant, a continental bakery and cafe located just off the Rynek, is a fine example. 

As the stresses of strains of modern life further encroach on our free time, Wroclaw's old town has found itself swamped with convenience shops right, left and centre. The scene of Fresh Markets, Żabkas and Małpka Expresses all over the shop might not every one's cup of tea, however the truth is that they are there for a reason. Prices in numerous city centre establishments have shot up in recent years, pushing those on low wages into having a swift half or a swig of vodka from the nearest convenience shop before heading to a pub or club. Likewise, grabbing a roll and some cheese or a pre-prepared sandwich from shops like Żabka is not an unusual routine for some employees working in the city centre. It's all the more surprising then, that more businesses offering affordable, quick and tasty snacks haven't sprung up yet. Of course we've had food trucks arrive on the scene, but not much we can rely on all year round. 

Pan Croissant

In Pan Croissant however, Wroclaw's city centre has a new place allowing you to swiftly walk in and out with an attractive lunchtime or breakfast snack.

Located close to the market square on Kuźnicza 65/66, Pan Croissant poses as a French boulangerie but in truth doesn't come close to that level of authenticity. Still, the on-site bakery produces some rather alluring bread a pastries that easily pass the taste test.

Pan Croissant Pan Croissant

On our flying visit on an unseasonably warm Autumn afternoon, we sampled a red pesto and tomato pastry (5zl) as well as another one containing meat (8zl). If you think those prices are steep, compare them to the price of a pre-packaged sandwich in the likes of Coffee Heaven – you'll suddenly gain a different perspective. The pastries were perfectly fine without ever being anything to rave about, although it has to be said they were both fresh and tasty. The meat pastry was supplemented with a small dollop of harissa like paste and was far more filling that it appears in the picture. The red pesto and tomato equivalent was far lighter of course, and would make for an ideal morning or lunchtime snack.  

Pan Croissant Pan Croissant Pan Croissant

Most people coming to Pan Croissant are in and out in a flash, but for those looking to spend more time inside, there is a small seating area in which you can have an Italian coffee and enjoy your sweet or savoury snack in good time. It isn't quite enough to qualify as a restaurant (as it says on Pan Croissant's entrance) but it is a great place to watch the world go by all the same. It's pretty easy to peer into the on-site bakery as Pan Croissant are confidently open about the way they make their produce.

All things considered, it is fair to say that  Pan Croissant has brought something new to the old town. Consequently, those looking to grab some food on the go need no longer resort to the near horror of a convenience store hot dog. So when it comes to a spot for a quick and tasty snack to nibble on while taking in views of the market square, this place is as good a bet as any. 

Pan Croissant, Kuźnicza 65/66

Tel: 71 305 19 59, website

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