Proste Smaki: Quality Cuisine In Srodmiescie​ (Closed)

Proste Smaki is a Śródmieście​ based eatery well worth venturing out to. The bistro is clean, cosy and inviting, while the pleasantly surprising menu boasts an intriguing mix of Mediterranean dishes alongside time honoured Polish classics. 

bistro Bistro Proste Smaki

Like many other new restaurants that have opened up recently, Proste Smaki are without an alcohol licence. There is good a selection of trendy soft drinks however, including numerous varieties of Fritz Kola.  

On the chalkboard menu there's plenty of choice on show, with the Proste Smaki team at hand to gladly guide you through the daily specials in English. On my first visit the staff were raving about the pork schnitzel with sides and freshly made mayonnaise, which was ample encouragement for me to take up their suggestion. Served attractively and in good time, the schnitzel certainly lived up to its billing. It was the mayonnaise that proved to the star turn though, complimenting the schnitzel and sides superbly. It's not everyday bistros bother to make their own mayonnaise, so this was an unexpected delight.

Bistro Proste Smaki Bistro Proste Smaki

Having been impressed on my first visit, I returned to Proste Smaki hoping the experience would prove just as good second time round. Thankfully that turned out to be just the case.

One of the specials on the day was tagliatelle carbonara with smoked salmon and fresh spinach, which had a luscious combination of textures and flavours thanks to the al dente tagliatelle and succulent slices of fish. Before that I also enjoyed the grilled goats cheese with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar – a simple but tasty dish that let the ingredients do the talking.

A glass of white wine would have been the ideal compliment here, but with that not being an option, I went for the fresh cherry compote. While not quite a substitute for a good wine, the compote was fresh, sweet and surprisingly morish. 

Bistro Proste Smaki Bistro Proste Smaki

When it comes to price, dishes at Proste Smaki will set you back anywhere between 7zl and 22zl. Some options may not appear like the greatest value – but the quality is there in abundance, making the cuisine here well worth the money.

Located in a neighboorhood nestled in the heart of Śródmieście, Proste Smaki is a place that has everything going for it. Their dynamic menu is changed on a daily basis, and can be read here on their Facebook page. The bistro is particularly packed at lunchtimes, with many locals snapping up their preferred option. Indeed, if you turn up towards the end of the day, you'll find they're out of a number of dishes  – so be sure to get there early! 

Bistro Proste Smaki, Nowowiejska 18​

Tel: 71 372 15 31, Facebook Page

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