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Droga Mleczna: Promising Eatery Fails To Deliver

Droga Mleczna, located a few minutes walk away from Galeria Dominikanska, is one of many new alternatively themed eateries to set up shop outside Wroclaw's old town. 

Housed on Krasińskiego street, on the fringes of Wroclaw's infamous 'bermuda triangle' area, Droga Mleczna certainly looks the part from the outside. The restaurant's charming, old school exterior is bound to lure in many curious passers by. Sadly for us however, that turned out to be the best thing about Droga Mleczna, despite all its promise.  

Droga Mleczna, Wroclaw Droga Mleczna, Wroclaw Droga Mleczna, Wroclaw

Once inside, the first impressions are that Droga Mleczna fails to have the same alluring look and feel as it does from the street. It's hardly the worst we've seen of course, and Droga Mleczna's interior is still a relatively pleasant place to spend some time in. That said, there are a few naff touches here and there, such as the cheap plastic tablecloths that appear to be stapled onto the tables. The tablecloths don't at all go with the white and blue colours that largely decorate Droga Mleczna's interior, and merely remind you of the many communist themed snack bars around town.  

Droga Mleczna, Wroclaw v

As far as the menu is concerned, Droga Mleczna have largely stuck to current trends and decided to serve similar dishes that have proved popular in other new venues across the city. That ultimately means a selection of toasted paninis, pasta dishes, burgers and salads. Aside from that you'll also find some soups, breakfast options, desserts and pancakes. The menu is printed on a leaflet (see below) as well as being listed on the blackboard, which would indicate that there is not a great deal of rotation. When it comes to refreshments, Droga Mleczna offer their own fruit cocktails and alternative soft drinks such as the Buenos Mate photographed below, which proved most refreshing in last weekend's summer heat. 

Droga Mleczna, Wroclaw Droga Mleczna, Wroclaw

Onto our orders then, which were Droga Mleczna's goats' cheese salad, plus a toasted panini, with pesto, tomato, grilled chicken, guacamole and rocket. Costing 12zl, the panini was perfectly fine, although largely similar in quality to what's available elsewhere. The salad on the other hand, was regrettably a massive let down. The roasted goats' cheese was excellent and full of flavour, but sadly the good points end there. Dumped alongside the goats cheese were a few lettuce leaves, some red pepper and tomatoes, with a dressing resembling a mere grouchy slither of balsamic vinegar. The dish's presentation was as dire as it's price, which turned out to a hefty 19zl. In fact, I'd go as far to say that this worst value dish we've ever come across in the entire city – ouch! 

Droga Mleczna, Wroclaw Droga Mleczna, Wroclaw

Despite those shortcomings, one bad value meal doesn't necessarily mean that Droga Mleczna can be considered a total write off just yet. Their pretty burgers that came out of the kitchen looked the real deal, and appear to offer significantly better value for money than the salads. 

Ultimately though, Droga Mleczna doesn't quite have enough its locker for us to recommend the venue – which is a shame as the place has promise. With so many new venues opening up claiming to be alternative and to be doing things differently, the inevitable truth is that at least some of them merely exist to rake in profits. These cafes and restaurants lack the passion and atmosphere of a place run by people who love what they're doing, which should result in them being 'found out' sooner or later. Can Droga Mleczna be considered such a place? It's too early to tell at this stage, but one thing is for sure – they need to sharpen up their act. 

Droga Mleczna, Krasińskiego 32

Tel: 530 636 600, Facebook Page

Gregor Gowans

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