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Jadalnia: The Milk Bar, Evolved

Not so long ago some people prophesying​ the demise of the humble milk bar. That's far from proven to be the case however, with the city's classic milk bars still doing plenty of business. The longevity of these cheap eateries also looks set to be prolonged by Jadalnia, an attractive and comfy venue that's evolved in order to thrive in the current climate. 

While many diners would be happy to say they are content with the basic but wholesome and tasty food milk bars offer, it's fair to say that not everyone is impressed by the decor. Understandably costs are kept to the minimum, with aged bargain basement furniture and bland, ugly walls largely the name of the day. In fact, the style in most milk bars hasn't changed much for around a decade or even longer. That does bring an element of charm of course, but it can wear thin rather quickly. The end result is a place where ideally you just don't want to spend much time in. 

But what would happen if you offer the same great value Polish food inside a venue that's brighter, cozier, more sociable and more fashionable?  Well, you'd end up with something like Jadalnia, a milk bar that's fit for the 21st century. 

Jadalnia, Wroclaw Jadalnia, Wroclaw

Located in the Gaj district, Jadalnia is undoubtedly the city's prettiest milk bar. The interior decor is innovative and fashionable, with several wooden crates hung on the walls and suspended from the ceiling used to particularly good effect. The large glass windows also allow plenty of light to come through and illuminate the venue's charming interior, giving the place a bright and airy feel. There are other nice touches too; there are plenty of pretty pots with different growing herbs, while the day's specials are all nicely handwritten on the blackboard behind the bar. On entering, you could easily be forgiven for thinking you're not actually in a milk bar. 

Jadalnia, Wroclaw Jadalnia, Wroclaw

Moving onto the food itself, Jadalnia offer a typical Polish milk bar favourites such as grilled chicken, kotlet schabowy​, pierogi, pancakes, zurek, and barszcz czerwony​. Prices are a little bit higher than your average milk bar, but still below what you'd pay in most restaurants for a similar meal.

We sampled their breaded pork chop with boiled potatoes and white cabbage, which cost 14zl. Everything was pretty much as you'd expect for such a dish, and the meal was definitely good value for money. Nevertheless, it has to be said the dish wasn't considerably better than you'd find elsewhere. 

Jadalnia, Wroclaw Jadalnia, Wroclaw

All in all however, you can't find to much at fault with Jadalnia. The food is tasty and good value, while the look and the feel of the place makes your dining experience all that more comfortable than your average milk bar. Jadalnia definitely look like they are onto something with their concept, which could well be copied by other new milk bars in the not too distant future. 

Jadalnia, Piławska 18

Tel: 71 756 85 25, Website

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