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Whiskey In The Jar: All American Comfort Food

A new player on the scene in Wroclaw, Whiskey in the Jar, has successfully transported its all American comfort food concept from Poznan's Stary Rynek to our very own market square. From BBQ-drenched ribs and wings to burgers as big as your head – this place has got all of the feel good foods that you’ve been craving.

The drinks menu is both large and exotic. From Jack Daniels cocktails to milkshakes, the servings are not only generous but also creative and mason-jar-trendy. We believe the ones that will leave you smiling are the Italian Soda and homemade Iced Tea (both 12zl). 

Whiskey In The Jar Whiskey In The Jar Whiskey In The Jar

As for the food, first up was the Jack Daniels BBQ wings (23zl). This is a winner for sure. Meaty and succulent on the inside, while saucy on the outside, the meat was as tender as you could imagine – just jumping off the bone. A great start to the meal, with extra napkins of course.

Whiskey In The Jar

The Blue Cheese Burger (34zl) came loaded with all the usual suspects (lettuce, tomato, onion) plus pickled purple cabbage. This Polish twist played well with the pungent flavours of the blue cheese.  The fries came hot, crispy and well seasoned. Served with a mayo/sour cream-like dipping sauce, they were a welcome addition.

Whiskey In The Jar

Unfortunately, not as successful was the Chicken Burger with the Mango Mayo (34zl). Although the concept was appreciated—the flavours of the mango were overwhelmed by the mayo.

Whiskey In The Jar

The Big Burger with crispy bacon and cheddar cheese (34zl) was by far our favourite of the night.  The large patty was packed with gusto and screaming with all sorts of flavours. Is it pickled ginger? Anise? Cinnamon maybe?

Whiskey In The Jar

Besides all this burger talk, it's also worth taking a quick moment to give an ode to the service at this venue, which is definitely on point. They have an organized system, with servers that are both attentive and well trained.

While Whiskey In The Jar is admittedly part of a chain, you do have to big them a big thumbs up for their quality produce and attentive service. The end result is a venue that's an all round refreshing addition to the market square. 

Whiskey In The Jar​, Rynek 23-24​

Tel: 503527531​, Website

Romina Moradi

Romina Moradi is a full time medical student, food fanatic and a loyal friend to bacon. Since joining Uncut Romina has been reviewing Wroclaw's newest and trendiest restaurants, taking stunning full HD photos of luscious dishes prepared by some the city's best chefs along the way.

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