Kafe Plaza: Soak Up The Sun (CLOSED)

Kafe Plaża​, previously located on patch of land just outside the perimeter of the Zoo, has now been moved to a more visible home nearby Grunwaldski bridge. While there are pros and cons to the move, the summer venue still remains a great place in which to enjoy a lazy afternoon. 

Kafe Plaża​'s new location is by the south entrance to Grunwaldski bridge, on the other side of the road from the Urząd Wojewódzki.

The main consequence of the change is the extra noise caused by the busy roads nearby, which is regrettably unavoidable. Nevertheless, that is somewhat compensated for by the wonderful view of what is arguably Wroclaw''s most iconic bridge. 

Beach Cafe, Wroclaw

This seasonal venue is composed of a typical brewery sponsored temporary bar, with deck chairs spread around the relatively large surrounding patch of sand. It doesn't look anything overly spectacular, but certainly stands out and does the job over the vacation period.

In terms of refreshments, Kafe Plaza have a simple offering of polish lager on tap, plus a few more varieties of beer kept cool in the fridge alongside your usual soft drinks. If you get hungry, they also fire up their barbecue from time to time and serve oscypek​ and grilled meat.

Beach Cafe, Wroclaw

What about the atmosphere then? Well that obviously depends on the weather, but we've found it to be predominantly laid back. The good vibe is also maintained over the weekend at Kafe Plaza with the help of a live dj, who happily keeps the vinyl spinning all day. The prices are modest too, which is another welcome bonus considering the inflation that can be observed in some other venues around town.

One small drawback is the toilets, which are merely a couple of Toi Tois. It's difficult to expect anything other in a temporary bar however, and we didn't observe any long queuing on our visit.

Despite it's simplicity, Kafe Plaża is definitely a place worth spending time in. The large sand pit makes it a unique place in Wroclaw, while the bar's atmosphere is ideal for those seeking to unwind on a warm weekend afternoon. Although there is a bit of noise from the nearby traffic, Kafe Plaża​ still feels a lot more tranquil and chilled out than those packed Rynek beer gardens. So grab yourself a beer, lay down in one of the deck chairs, enjoy the view and let the world pass you by!

Kafe Plaża, Wybrzeże Juliusza Słowackiego 10​

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