Police Arrest 16 In Drugs Raid

Early yesterday morning police officers and agents of the Central Investigation Bureau arrested 16 people involved in drug trafficking. The arrests were the culmination of an investigation into heroine, cocaine and cannabis trade in Wrocław that has been in progress for some considerable time. More details about arrests and charges will be known later today. 

The film style arrests were far from done discreetly, and understandably caused a stir among residents in various Wrocław’s neighborhoods. The operation was carried out by a fully equipped and masked anti-terrorist Police squad, who arrested 16 individuals, including one 40 year old suspect in his flat on Chmurna street. In some situations stunguns were used, and a civilian witness even claims to have heard gunshots. Despite this, the majority of the witness statements published in the local media indicated that the police's actions were not taken as threatening. In fact, some were in awe of the professionalism of the anti-terrorist Police squad.

Another high profile arrest took place in Partynice, and was witnessed by Tomasz Sysło, who happens to be a founder of Instagramers Wroclaw. Tomasz even snapped up the incident and uploaded his photo onto Instagram, the popular photograph based social networking site. 

The Police investigation was carried out by the Central Investigation Bureau (Centralne Biuro Śledcze), which is a police department that targets organized crime. It also deals with terrorism threats, drug trafficking and financial crimes such as smuggling or phishing schemes.


Marta Dyner is a native Wroclawian with a passion for craft & design. Also a keen city cyclist, Marta is perfectly happy heading off the beaten track to explore Wrocław's suburbs on two wheels. Marta's priceless local advice is both appreciated on Wroclaw Uncut and on the Wroclaw Expats Facebook group, where she is acts as administrator.

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