Patelnia: Snazzy Take Away Food (closed)

Not too long ago take away food in Wroclaw was more or less limited to grilled sausages, pizza and dodgy kebabs. Thankfully though the situation has steadily improved over time, and now there are a handful of places offering more exotic grub. Patelnia, located in the iconic corner of Kalambur and Kalaczakra, is one such venue. 

The take-away food available at Patelnia includes dishes from continental Europe, India, the Americas and the Middle East, which arguably makes it the most dynamic menu of any take-away place in Wroclaw.

There are of course some typical favourites such as burgers and quesadillas on the menu, both of which have become all the rage over here in recent years.

Nevertheless, It's Patelnia's other dishes that carry more interest, such as their varieties of Dosa, the Indian pancakes made from rice flour. For the health conscious among us, Patelnia also do salads with middle eastern ingredients such as cous cous and chick peas.

Patelnia, Wroclaw Patelnia, Wroclaw

On my flying visit however, I went for one of their signature hot ciabbata sandwiches stuffed with Rilletes, the devilishly 'moreish' French shredded meat. Pictured above is the basic pork Rilletes ciabatta with red onion and Dijon mustard, which at 9zl, was a hell of a lot tastier than your average gyros wrap. There are many different combinations of additives and sauces too, so you can custom order your  own mix to suit your taste. If Pork isn't your favourite meat either, then Turkey and wild boar rilletes are available as well.

As regards the staff at Patelnia, they spoke English comfortably and our sandwich was prepared in just under 5 minutes – so there was no fault to be found with the service. Patelnia do close a little early during the week (9pm) which is unfortunate, but they thankfully increase the opening hours on Friday and Saturday night until as late as 2am. 

When all is said and done then, Patelnia looks like a decent option for some interesting take-away munch. In the summer months there are plenty of nice places nearby where you can enjoy a meal outside, so why not take a swing by Patelnia to satisfy that hunger of yours? 

Patelnia, Kuźnicza 29B

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