Wroclaw Launch New Culture ‘Loyalty Card’

A new programme designed to give Wroclawians more access to culture has been launched by Wrocław municipality. Based on a loyalty card type system, the Kod Kultury Miasta scheme aims to encourage more citizens to take an active part in the European Culture Capital of Culture preparations.

The scheme will work using a new smartphone application (for Android & iOs) that utilizes QR codes. This will allow you to collect points for visiting any one of many cultural spots such as museums, theatres and cinemas. You can then exchange these points for discounts or even free tickets.

Don't have a smartphone? Don't worry – the city are well aware not everybody owns one, and with this in mind special cards have been distributed around the city to the various venues participating in the Kod Kultury Miasta scheme. 

When you visit one of the places from the list, you need to show the QR code on your card or smartphone at the cashier. This way the points will be automatically transferred to your account. Cardholders will be able to check their 'balance' and prizes available to them online (after registering the card). Mobile users will meanwhile be able to check their balance anytime using the smartphone application. The Kod Kultury Miasta is a long term programme, so there's need to exchange your points immediately in fear that they'll expire.

The list of venues, points and prizes is already available on the Kod Kultury Miasta website. Some of the prizes are limited in time or quantity- especially the much wanted free tickets. For example, the first three people who collect 60 points will be able to exchange them for two tickets to the Opera Wrocławska Macbeth production at Centennial Hall. Prices of those start at 75zl, so if you can get them for free that's a pretty neat prize.

The idea behind the scheme is to encourage people to take more active part in the cultural panorama of the city, which is one of the strategic goals of the European Capital of Culture 2016 programme. This year the city has already decided that all municipal museums will have free admission for their permanent exhibitions. This is intended to remove the financial barriers for those who feel they've been priced out of the opportunity. Last year only 7% of Wrocławians visited the municipal museums, and it is hoped a change of tack can improve this statistic.

The list of institutions taking part in Kod Kultury Miasta includes some of the museums that already have free entry, but venues such as Kino Nowe Horyzonty and Capitol Theatre are also taking part. More and more institutions are expected to join the programme too,  but unfortunately the participation of both the National Museum and Panorama Racławicka is still not confirmed.


Marta Dyner is a native Wroclawian with a passion for craft & design. Also a keen city cyclist, Marta is perfectly happy heading off the beaten track to explore Wrocław's suburbs on two wheels. Marta's priceless local advice is both appreciated on Wroclaw Uncut and on the Wroclaw Expats Facebook group, where she is acts as administrator.

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