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Does Polish Lager Actually Have Hops?

Beer purists will be well aware that the three core ingredients in a good brew are water, malted barley and hops. It might come as a surprise to some then, to learn that one of the crucial components, hops, has been found missing across a number of mainstream lagers available throughout Poland. 

Last week a quick study of the ingredients printed on the labels of 14 beers available in Polish shops went viral across social media. Somewhat shockingly, only 5 were found to actually contain hops.

The 14 beers under question in the study (as illustrated below) were Tatra, Żubr, Złoty Denar, Kasztelan, Harnaś, Lech, Starovar, Tyskie, Namysłów, Perła, Dębowe Mocne, Carlsberg, Heineken and Żywiec. 

The fact that some of the cheap beers such as Tatra and Harnaś are hop-less is perhaps not the biggest of surprises. However, many will be disappointed to see flagship brands such as Tyskie and Lech allegedly being made without hops. 

Beers that did actually include hops on their list of ingredients were Żywiec, Heineken, Złoty Denar, Namysłów and Czech beer Starovar. 


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