Security Guard Sets Fan On Fire

A shocking image (shown above left) of an Impel security guard firing pepper spray directly at a Zagłębie Lubin fan with a fully lit flame, has gone viral across the globe. 

The photo, which was taken during last Saturday's Lower Silesian derby, captures the precise moment when the pepper spray made contact with the flare, creating a cloud of flames around the Lubin fan carrying the pyrotechnic.

Pyrotechnics are banned in Polish stadiums, and given the fact that the Zagłębie fan also climbed the fence towards the Śląsk Wrocław section, it's no surprise that security took action. The decision to use pepper spray instead of a fire extinguisher has drawn criticism however, and there could be an investigation made to determine whether the security guard committed a crime. 

While the picture above appears shocking and gives the impression the fan was ablaze, the video below proves that the fire vanished in a flash. The Zagłębie fan also disappeared just as quickly to the safety of the crowd following the security guard's actions.

It is thought that the balaclava the fan was wearing saved him from severe burns. 

Did the security guard act appropriately? Maybe the fan deserved it? We want your opinion, so please give us your thoughts via the comments box below: 

Gregor Gowans

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