Repairs To Drastically Change Tram & Bus Routes

Spring has come to Wroclaw, and so with it the annual street repairs & re-construction season. On the 26th of April public transport users will be faced with a muddle of rerouted trams, plus suspended lines and new temporary bus and tram routes. Only 7 – less than half of all of the tram lines of Wrocław, will stay on their regular routes without change.

Krupnicza street's bashed up tram tracks are in bad need of repair, illustrated by a string of derailments that have been making waves in the local press. To fix the problem properly the street is being subject to a major makeover, with the road being dug up and constructed from scratch, new Vienna style tram stops built, tracks replaced with brand new ones and a new cycle path put in place. All of this is deemed necessary for the city's new National Music Forum, which is currently in construction.

Obviously this means the trams will be re-routed, but luckily for drivers, the city council have rowed back on plans to completely cut off the area to car traffic. The council hope to have trams running through the street again in August, with the whole makeover scheduled to be finished by December. For details on the new tram routes, scroll down to the bottom the page. 

As if that wasn’t enough, people living nearby Grabiszyńska street have another obstacle to overcome on their daily commute to work. The railway bridge by Wysoka street will be demolished and replaced by a newer, wider crossing. This work also starts on 26th, however the trams are expected to be running on Grabiszyńska again in under a week (the shutdown is planned only until 30th April). The road will be open to car traffic throughout this time, however drivers might experience delays as they will have to slow down and obey the temporary traffic restrictions. 

Tram Changes:

Line 6 (direction Krzyki): Plac Bema- Mosty Młyńskie- Hala Targowa-Galeria Dominikańska-Teatralna- Arkady

Line 7 (direction Krzyki): Kazimierza Wielkiego- Świdnicka/Widok- Teatralna- Arkady

Line 15 (both directions): Kazimierza Wielkiego- Świdnicka/Widok- Teatralna- Kołłątaja- Peronowa

Line 20 (both directions): Plac Orląt Lwowskich- Podwale- Renoma

Line 11 (both directions): line shortened to pl. legionow. 

Line 14/24: Osobowice- Cmentarz Grabiszyński (via Powstańców Śląskich and Hallera)

Bus Changes:

Nightbuses 243 & 253 (to the Bus Station from plac Jana Pawła II) : the bus will skip the Rynek stop (the one by Nowe Horyzonty) and travel from Jana Pawła II – Plac Oląt Lwowskich – Plac Legionów. 

Nightbuses 247&257 (to the Bus Station from Kazimierza Wielkiego) : Rynek – Galeria Dominikańska- Kołłątaja. Renoma and Arkady stops will be skipped 

Temporary Trams and Buses:

Tram 71 (both directions): Most Grunwaldzki- Plac Wróblewskiego- Pułaskiego- Piłsudskiego- Powstańców Śląskich- Hallera- Cmentarz Grabiszyński

Tram 75: Merged from lines 5&14/24. Travelling from Książe Małe, the tram will stay on the route of line 5 until plac Legionów, when it will follows the tram 14/24 route to the loops at Osobowice.

Bus 704: Oporów- Plac Legionów- Oporów

With the trams out of action on Grabiszyńska, this replacement bus service has been introduced. Single fare tickets validated on lines 0, 11, 75 and 701 are also valid for traveling the 704 line for 70mins after the time that is printed on the back of your ticket (and vice versa).

For a clearer route of the overall picture, you can take a look at the official tram scheme by clicking here.

Let’s just hope that good old jakdojade.pl is going to be updated by the time all of these kerfuffle starts. Are MPK's temporary transport options good enough? Let us know by commenting in the box below. 


Marta Dyner is a native Wroclawian with a passion for craft & design. Also a keen city cyclist, Marta is perfectly happy heading off the beaten track to explore Wrocław's suburbs on two wheels. Marta's priceless local advice is both appreciated on Wroclaw Uncut and on the Wroclaw Expats Facebook group, where she is acts as administrator.

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