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Pasibus: Quality Street Side Burgers

Street and road side burger vans tend to be associated more with upset stomachs and hideously greasy grub than they are quality produce. Nevertheless, the same can't be said of the Pasibus, one of the few new mobile eateries in town who have successfully distanced themselves from those old stereotypes.

Having set up shop across the road from Arkady in Autumn last year, the Pasibus team have been busy serving burgers street side ever since. While last winter was considerably milder than normal, the fact that Pasibus managed to do some business over the colder months shows you just how much people have been lapping up their burgers.

The burgers themselves are priced between 16 – 24zl, with various combos available aside from the classic burger and cheeseburger options. That might seem a a bit steep considering you have to eat it on the street, but when you consider the quality and price relative to some of the bandwagon jumping burger bars in town, Pasibus' street food is worth every penny.

You can have your patties grilled any way you like depending how pink you like your meat, which combines perfectly with the tasty relish and crusty rolls to make the ideal street food. On our visit we went for a sweet chili burger (photographed below) and were certainly not disappointed.

Pasibus, Wroclaw

One slight problem with Pasibus however, is its location on Powstańców Slaskich, which admittedly isn't the most picturesque nor tranquil of spots. Being parked there definitely seems to be good for business though, with offices in the Arkady, Sky Tower and Globis buildings all in close proximity. This makes the Pasibus a practical place for a swift lunch or a meal after work, and it's not unusual to see groups of businessmen getting their formal attire slightly stained munching on Pasibus' juicy burgers.

Pasibus, Wroclaw Pasibus, Wroclaw

It has to be said there is no shortage of new burger joints in Wroclaw's popular nightspots hoping to reap the benefits from the current burger trend. More often than not however, these copycat venues (e.g. Nynek Burger) serve second rate produce at silly prices. In contrast, Pasibus have stripped back their costs and instead put more into the quality of their food – passing on better value to the consumer.

The Pasibus team were one of the first in the city to see the demand for tasty burgers made from good ingredients. More importantly – their place is still up their with the best, despite the seemingly endless queue of new competitors entering the market.

Pasibus, Powstańców Śląskich (Other side of the road from Arkady)

Tel: 733133399 Facebook Page

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