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Wine of the Month: Czech Republic’s Pinot Noir

In our newest edition of Wine of the Month, we stopped by the Wiezienna Pub for a taste of their Czech imported Pinot Noir. Czech beers have a long standing opinion of being some of the tastiest brews around. However, we did not know that Poland’s southern neighbour exports delectable wines as well. 

Czech Republic’s Moravian region has identified itself so well with winemaking that wine from that area is at times known as Moravian Wine. Grapes in the Moravian region have been grown since 278 A.D. after Roman Emperor Marcus Auerlius Probos annulled an edict that prohibited planting of grapes anywhere north of the Alps. Since then winemaking in Moravia has seen a turbulent progression: monasteries spread grape agriculture, but subsequent wars and vineyard pacts to reduce competition in the region put a strain on winemaking. Which is what makes Czech wine all the more interesting, if you can find it!

Medium dry Moravian Pinot Noir served at the Wiezienna Pub has a very clean taste and is perfectly suited for the bread, olives, and cheese platter also served at the Pub. Kasia and Paweł, owners of the Wiezienna Pub, have long been wine aficionados but lamented the fact that good wine too often went hand in hand with a high price tag. So much so in fact that they decided to follow their dream and open a bar where good wine would be served at an affordable cost. There are only three wines served at the Wiezienna Pub at any one time in either two reds/one white or two whites/one red configuration based on the season of the year. 

But there is one catch, if one may call this a catch at all. Wine at Wiezienna Pub is served from 50liter kegs located under the bar. To enjoy it you will have to make your way to the Pub and order your wine in any one of the following sizes: glass, quarter or half litter carafe, or a one litter pitcher priced at 7zl, 13zl, 24zl, and 40zl respectively. 

Wiezienna Pub, Wroclaw

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Slawomir Kortas

After living 16 years in the US, Sławek bought a one-way ticket back to Poland and has been living in Wrocław ever since. Sławek is fond of documenting the subtle differences between Poland and The States on his homepage, and can often be found on his motorcycle zipping around the city.

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