Stadium Grounds To Become Giant BBQ Site

This weekend Wrocław's Municipal Stadium will open up its grounds to anyone who fancies a picnic or BBQ.

Until the end of the holiday season, visitors will be allowed to bring their own BBQ and happily grill away on the grassy grounds around the stadium. If you can't be bothered to prepare anything yourself, they'll also be plenty of tents serving barbecued meats, sausages and beer. 

In the recent future there will be a large screen installed too, ultimately turning the area into a large fan zone for the upcoming football world cup and volleyball world championships. 

Stadion Wroclaw spokesman Adam Burak explained the idea behind the move yesterday: “We want to create a family friendly weekend destination, one where you can bring your own food and BBQ equipment and grill by Ślęza river, or alternatively, buy some refreshments and enjoy the live sport transmissions on the big screen."

Unfortunately the slackening of the rules will disappear on days when football matches take place however, apparently due to safety legislation. So any football fans hoping for a pre-match sausage and beer in the backdrop of the stadium, will need to re-think their plans.

Large crowds are expected, particularly when the big screen arrives. Despite this, Stadion Wroclaw are confident they'll be no problems with the infrastructure, and that they'll be sufficient numbers of toilets and trash cans around the site. The picnic zone will be open from 10am till 10 pm daily, and the same site will host the 5th annual Wroclaw Good Beer Festival in May.


Marta Dyner is a native Wroclawian with a passion for craft & design. Also a keen city cyclist, Marta is perfectly happy heading off the beaten track to explore Wrocław's suburbs on two wheels. Marta's priceless local advice is both appreciated on Wroclaw Uncut and on the Wroclaw Expats Facebook group, where she is acts as administrator.

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