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Dobra Karma: Inventive Gastronomy In Nadodrze (Relocated)

Update: the restaurant has moved to Ul. Kościuszki 23

One of the latest venues to join Nadodrze's buzzing alternative scene is Dobra Karma, a food conscious restaurant located next to the arty Cafe Rozrusznik. 

A local venture run by a group of close friends, Dobra Karma promises to deliver delicious, healthy, seasonal food that's free of preservatives and artificial flavours, plus unique wines, local beers and gourmet coffee. 

With that in mind, we strolled over the Pomorski bridge to Dobra Karma on a foggy Saturday evening with high expectations. Those were dampened slightly on arrival however, when only a solitary table near the bar was occupied in an otherwise ghostly empty restaurant. Still, the interior was clean, bright and cozy, while the staff were all smiles and in good spirits.    

After we'd chosen which empty table to occupy, we ordered the soup of the day as well as a main course.

Priced at 9zl, Dobra Karma's tasty broccoli based soup was served generously and certainly represented good value for money. That said, it was on the heavy side, making it far too big a stomach filler to feature as a starter. The soup itself was an interesting concoction, dressed with a few shards of grated mozzarella wilting away on the surface. Being a mozzarella addict myself, this addition came as a pleasant surprise, yet it has to be said the combo just didn't quite work.


Onto the mains then, which were both vegetarian: a conventional creamy tagliatelle​, and a middle eastern style combo dish featuring chick-pea fritters. While being nothing out of the ordinary, the pasta was of a good quality, cooked just right and draped with just the right amount of sauce. The latter dish was refreshingly novel in comparison, but did admittedly have a few shortcomings – the chick-pea fritters were packed with flavour, but their wet consistency was reminiscent of a falafel fail. Nevertheless, the fritters themselves were complimented nicely by a pleasantly tangy mustard dip, and the side serving of curried vegetables worked well too.

One plus at Dobra karma is certainly the drinks selection, as they do have a decent range of local microbrews and interesting wines to choose from. On our visit we enjoyed a bottle of the terrific local beer from Browar Sobótka.

All in all however, what we have here is a venue with plenty of good karma and good intentions, but one that hasn't quite polished its act yet. Dobra karma's desire to use good ingredients and seek novel ways of cooking them has to be commended, but unfortunately what they spruced up on our visit just didn't appear to be the finished article. For that reason alone, we can't rave about this place as much as we'd like too. That said, if your are an adventurous eater or an staunch vegetarian, D0bra Karma evidently has enough inventiveness in the kitchen to satisfy your curiosity. 

Dobra Karma, Wojciecha Cybulskiego 17​

Tel: 792022805, Facebook Page


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