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Pepe Pizzeria Ristorante: A Slice Of Italy In Krzyki

Where do you think the best places are to buy great pizza? Downtown Rome, Florence or Chicago? What if I told you that there’s a place right on the fringes of Wroclaw that sells some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten?

You’d think I was crazy, I’m sure, but believe it or not, it’s true.

Pepe is a little out of the way as restaurants go, being located right in the south of the city, far away from convenient tram lines. If you’re planning on going there, traveling by bus (numbers 113 or 612) or car is really the only option but it’s definitely worth the trip.

Inside you’ll find a simple-looking restaurant, complete with wooden furniture, an open kitchen and a small seating area for about 30 people. There’s a small terrace out front in the summer and a bar area to sit at when you’re waiting for an order but that’s about it. The owners clearly went for the minimalistic approach when designing this place because there’s very little in the way of decoration – I certainly don’t recommend going here if you have any kids, as I feel they’ll quickly get bored – but trust me, you won’t be going to Pepe for the way it looks. You’ll be going for the food, which is amazing, and the service, which is always fast, efficient and friendly.

As the name probably suggests, Pepe specialises in authentic Italian cuisine, with a wide selection of pasta dishes, soups, salads and regional specialties available. The meals are always fresh and tasty and there’s a daily specials board if you fancy something a little bit different. However, it’s the pizza you’ll really be going here for. 

In true Italian style, the pizza is made fresh in front you by experienced chefs and baked in an authentic pizza oven. The quality they get from this simple combination of good quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques is simply mind-blowing and has to be tasted to be believed.

A word of warning, however. If you’re the type of person who is used to eating American-style pizza from places like Pizza Hut you might find that the base can be a bit thin. This can make picking up your slices a bit of a problem – especially if you have a lot of toppings like me. Knives and forks are definitely recommended if you don’t want sauce all over you!

If you’re interested in trying Pepe for yourself, I would definitely recommend booking a table in advance if you don’t want to be disappointed. It’s a testament to how good Pepe’s is that the restaurant is almost always full, despite how out of the way it is. Sometimes you’ll get lucky walking in off the streets, but you’ll often be forced to sit on one of the less desirable tables near the kitchen as the best ones will already be taken. However, if you don’t like the sound of all that waiting around, Pepe are also happy to do takeaways and home delivery for a small fee.

pepes wroclaw pepes wroclaw

The prices are reasonable but they are rising all the time. Due to the insane popularity of this restaurant it has seen at least three price rises in the last couple of years and I wouldn’t be surprised if they jump again in the not too distant future. Still, for two people with drinks and desert you can expect to pay less than 100zl, which is well worth the money considering the quality.

Overall, I highly recommend Pepe Pizzeria, which is bar far my favourite restaurant in Wroclaw. I hope you’ll enjoy it too. Click here to see the menu (in English).

Pepe Pizzeria Ristorante, Ul. Strachowskiego 12

Tel: 71368 14 12, pepepizza.pl

Robert Burgess

Rob Burgess hails from that sunny island in the heart of Europe known only as Britain. Despite living in Poland for the last five years, he still feels like a complete newcomer and is constantly being surprised by everything the city throws at him.

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