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Artzat Café – Malarska’s ‘Hidden’ Gem

Artzat Café has been around for over two decades now, yet it remains rather incognito. It’s located on Malarska Street, making its stealthy existence even more curious since the street itself is one of the most famous ones in the city. It’s known for it’s colourful and whimsical centuries old townhouses and continues to be a popular sightseeing point for tourists.

The name of the café comes from the surname of a certain French nobleman, who owned the townhouse in the 17th century – Adam Caspar von Artzat. The family’s Coat of Arms as well as a drawing of Adam Caspar can still be spotted on the tall, arched walls of the café’s bar area.

In the first room, the tables are set with velvet-coated chairs and small lamps that give off a pleasant orange glow, hence contributing to a certain Parisian ambiance of the place. The ceiling in the smoker’s lounge is adorned with a mesmerizing design resembling a bright blue sky with gold, coiled clouds. The entire lounge area is quite spacious with many windows (that can actually be opened and closed to one’s desires), comfortable couches and European countryside style, hand-painted tables.

Another of Artzat’s opportune qualities is its food and drink menu. Some of the more interesting positions are: “The Hangover Breakfast” (10zł), freshly squeezed fruit juices (6zł) and a variety of delicious, home-style soups such as, żurek, goulash soup and onion soup (8zł). Also, all those who miss crunching down on some nachos with cheese and salsa (8zł) can now rejoice at the news that this place actually serves this stuff.

As for the drink menu – the tap selection is rather impressive and quite Czech, serving Holba, Litovel, Krakonos, Primator Ciemny and Pszeniczny. The prices range from 6zł for the “Beer of the Day”, which usually happens to be Holba, and 7zł for the rest of the fellows, even the bottled Litovel Honey. Another swanky option is the ‘barrel whisky’ (6zł) named so because it is actually kept in a tiny barrel on top the bar. The vodka options aren’t so bad either; all of the Soplica flavoured favourites go for just 5zł.

One aspect of Artzat Café continues to raise curiosity though – that being the slightly strange range of varying individuals who come here. This phenomenon differentiates the café from other bars around Wrocław because for some ephemeral reason it’s more noticeable here than in other places. For example, at times one may stumble upon zealous Śląsk fans clad in green sitting next to Art History professors who sip wine and grade papers. One can imagine how this could be a dissonance of sorts, however, perhaps for this very reason we should continue to come here, adding a bit of our own individuality to the mix each time around. 

Cafe Artzat​, Malarska 30​

Tel: 713723766, artzatcafe.pl

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Melania Sulak

Melania Sulak hails from Toronto but she's been living in Wrocław for some time now. Her captivation with the city's cultural life has led her to join Wrocław Uncut, to which she's been contributing since 2014.

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