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Zupa: Soup On The Go

On the junction of Szewska and Kotlarska, just round the corner from the kiosk, you'll find Zupa, a new venue tempting Wroclawians with delightful, homemade style soups. The first place of its kind in Wroclaw, Zupa is the city's sole venue purely dedicated to soup. 

Here you can find all manner of tasty soup varieties, from traditional recipes such as cream of mushroom to more sophisticated options based on ingredients such as pumpkin, coconut milk or pineapple.

Portions come in different servings depending on your appetite (up to as much as half a litre!), but I personally found the small bowl for 6zl to be ample. Servings of soup at Zupa also come with a selection of complimentary additives or condiments to suit your taste, whether it be croutons, parmesan, various herbs, olive oil or paprika powder. 

In term's of the place's decoration, you can't exactly call it cold – the bright yellow walls and quirky illustrations foster a fun, welcoming and casual atmosphere. Admittedly however, Zupa's small and crowded interior doesn't make for the most comfortable of eating spaces. Take-away is available though, and with Zupa being just a short walk to the Rynek, the place offers a healthier fast food alternative to the various pizza and kebab places around the market square. 

For those living a hectic modern life, Zupa is an ideal spot to enjoy a quick, tasty and healthy yet inexpensive meal. The menu changes everyday, while the vibe is informal and friendly. Needless to say it is definitely worth a try – especially if you are after a convenient alternative for your lunch break!  

Zupa, Wroclaw

Zupa, Szewska 24/26​

Tel: 733873307, zupa.wroclaw.pl

Caroline Kusch

Caroline Kusch is a a full-time dentist, passionate photographer and an avid foodie. Keen to seek out new culinary experiences, Caroline is embarking on a mission to find the best new venues in Wroclaw, whether it be shops, restaurants, cafes or cultural attractions.

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