Pierce Of Cake: Handcrafted Jewellery In Nadodrze

In recent years Nadodrze has steadily proven itself as a happening place thanks to the arrival of various galleries, arty cafes and small alternative shops. One fine example of this is Pierce of cake, an independent shop that specializes in piercing and natural handcrafted jewellery.

To find out more about the shop, earpiercing, and the ongoing revitalisation in Nadodrze, we hooked up with Pierce of Cake’s owner, Magda Młodzianko.

Welcome to Wroclaw Uncut Magda! So, Pierce of Cake – how did it come about?

The idea for the shop came to my mind spontaneously more than six years ago. I was looking for a kind of jewellery that I simply couldn’t come across in Poland. After searching around I did eventually find the things I needed, but it was way too expensive in my opinion.

So I started doing some research online, and I found some wholesale shops in the USA that could offer the things I was looking for at a decent price. My first order came to about $300, which was all my savings at the time. I made my first batch, put them on Allegro and within a few weeks I had sold pretty much everything. The money I earned I then invested in another order. So step by step I registered my business, and with help of my brother, I set up an online shop. My first website wasn’t the best, but it ran alright for four years. We managed to sort that out a couple of years ago though, and now there is a fully professional website to compliment my shop.

The name of the shop obviously comes from the English phrase a ‘piece of cake’. I wasn’t actually sure if that was the best name for the shop at first, but it grew on me and I was convinced by my clients and friends to stick with it.

Why have you decided to open a regular ‘bricks and mortar’ shop?

I did it because I didn’t want to work at home anymore – I needed people, I wanted to meet my clients in person and I wanted to see that what I’m selling makes them happy. In the beginning it seemed like a dream as I only had an online shop and was still a student at Wrocław University. When I graduated I knew it was the right time though – I had been running my business for 5 years, plus it made sense to open a regular shop seeing as the sales were rising and I needed some help with the orders.

Why open a shop in Nadodrze? Wouldn’t the area around the Rynek be better?

Nadodrze was an obvious choice for me – I believe it’s the best neighborhood in Wrocław. We have created a community here and the small business owners have proven that this kind of district can change. It’s moved on from a place where you can find little other than 24 hour booze shops to something much more friendly. When you walk around you can see the beauty of this district, it’s one of few places in the city that has the original pre-war architecture. It’s still close to market square, and It’s still considered as being in the center of Wroclaw, but the rents are much lower and small business friendly. As a community we create events together like the ‘Night of the Galleries’ and the cooperation benefits the whole neighborhood.

What makes your shop different from other piercing shops?

I’m trying to have as much original stuff as possible in my shop. I have a fair amount of factory made earrings, but the merchandise I’m really proud of is the handmade ethnic jewellery. I had to travel to places like Thailand and Indonesia to find the origins of this way of piercing and to uncover some truly unique handmade, ethnic jewellery.

You moved to a bigger shop in January and you’ve opened a piercing studio there too. Who is your piercer?

We have just moved from one street to another, about 100 meters from my original location. My piercer, Ewa, is more popularly known as the ‘Red Lipstick Monster’ and is a beauty video blogger as well as a professionally qualified piercer.

We’ve known each other for a long time and we get on like a house on fire! We’ve cooperated before, when we worked on piercing and ear expanding themed videos for Ewa’s YouTube channel. A few months ago I proposed she join me and become a piercer in my shop, which could allow me to move to a bigger space and open a professional piercing studio. I chose her because I know she is amazing at what she does – she pierces in a fast and painless way. I know it’s actually hard to compare piercers, but if people from all over Poland travel here to get their ears pierced by Ewa, it definitely means something. 

What can a person who has just regularly pierced ears find here?

I have a lot of fake tunnels and ear expanders. To wear them, you just need to have your ears pierced. Sometimes women who have a strict dress code at work come to me and say they love my look, but they would never have their ears stretched. These fake tunnels are perfect for anyone in this situation – they allow you to experiment with your looks and express your style to the full. I’m really happy to see women of different ages buying and wearing them.

With the product range in our shop I want to show people that piercing is not some cruel and hardcore ritual anymore. It can be worn by anyone no matter what their style or interest – it's just a fun, colourful way to express yourself. The whole procedure involves minimal pain when done by a professional piercer. As we say, it's a "piece of cake".

Pierce Of Cake, Jedności Narodowej 62/2b

​Tel: 731221646, pierceofcake.pl


Marta Dyner is a native Wroclawian with a passion for craft & design. Also a keen city cyclist, Marta is perfectly happy heading off the beaten track to explore Wrocław's suburbs on two wheels. Marta's priceless local advice is both appreciated on Wroclaw Uncut and on the Wroclaw Expats Facebook group, where she is acts as administrator.

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