Swiebodzki Market To Finally Close
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Swiebodzki Market To Finally Close

Świebodzki Market's stay of execution looks to be nearing an end after PKP (Polish railways), who own the patch of land spanning the old train station complex, confirmed that the area will be completely renovated. Nevertheless, if history repeats itself, the market could be around for some time to come. Similar plans were made several times in the past, and on each occasion failed to come to fruition.  

Świebodzki station is the oldest railway station in Wroclaw, and dates back to German times when it was named Breslau Freiburger Bahnhof. The station was shut down in 1991, and the space then made available to rent for private businesses. The main occupant over the years has the now defunct cheesy disco Senso. The remaining space in and around the station is mostly taken over by Sunday's market, which has become an iconic event in Wroclaw

If you have images of a beautiful continental market with fresh fish and the finest regional cheeses, then we can assure you that Świebodzki doesn't match that description at all. That doesn't mean this sprawling bazaar doesn't have its charms however. A haven for amateur photographers and avid bargain hunters, the market contains everything and anything from random second hand items to dodgy electronics and traditional homemade pickled cucumbers. 

The market is a bit of a mess to say the least however, and some local politicians are keen to see the back of what they consider a blemish on the city. Those sharing this opinion will be hoping that PKP are as serious as they say they are regarding the renovation, as if true, the market will be gone come the spring.   

PKP's plan involves working alongside private developers to produce a modern complex composed of a completely new train station, restaurants, entertainment venues, offices, leisure facilities, and would you believe it - another shopping centre. The area around pl. Orląt Lwowskich will also be revamped, with the roads widened to allow two lanes in each direction. You can get an idea of how it could look via the image below: 

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    RIP Świebak [']

    But seriously, I don't understand why this station wouldn't be used again for trains! it's one of most sensible stations to start the airport route…

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