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Bau Bar: Wroclaw’s New Home Of Electro (closed)

The recent closure of iconic venue Das Lokal has undeniably been a setback for the electro scene in the city. Nevertheless, that blow has at least been softened by the arrival of Bau Bar, a new centrally located club that's seemingly on a mission to push electronic music right into Wrocław​'s mainstream. 

Opened at the end of September, Bau Bar has already played host to a number of DJs from afar, as well as local favourties Vitek Jansky, Jurasze and Hush Hush Pony. A lot of these DJs were also on the bill at Das Lokal of course, and Bau Bar does appear to be aiming at a similar crowd. That said, the place does notably have its own different vibe. 

There's no escaping the fact that Bau Bar is a central venue nestled in-between many of Wrocław​'s popular nightlife haunts. Bau Bar's colourful sign on the door and congregation of smokers outside makes it obvious the place is open for business and that the party is well and truly on. This has attracted a lot more passers by and casual party revelers than the more to difficult to find Log:In, Das Lokal and Krakowska 180. 

The disparate crowd has given the place an altogether more mainstream atmosphere, which is somewhat reflected in the drinks list. You'll struggle to find any decent beer on tap, while there is not one local brew amongst the bottled beers in the fridge. This could change due to popular demand however, and there are are still some alternative refreshments available in the shape of the German energy drink Mio Mio Mate

Given what's been said, you could be forgiven for thinking Bau Bar has somewhat sold out. This may be true to a certain extent, but you could argue it is even a good thing. While the place does appear to lack the specialist crowd and 'anything goes' feel that the likes of Das Lokal, Krakowska 180 and Droga do Mekki had, one also has to accept that none of these venues were able to cut it. By doing things slightly differently, marketing well and opening up to a more mainstream audience, Bau Bar could finally be the place that provides Wrocław​ with a reliable electro venue. 

We need musical diversity in this city, and if Bau Bar and keeps electronic music on the map in Wrocław then that can only be a good thing, even if it doesn't carry the same weight of nostalgia as some other classic venues.

Despite a few gripes, Bau Bar is still one of the best alternative places to head out at the weekend. The place is bound to mature after time and find its own character, and on our recent visit there were signs that some electro fans are already warming to the new venue. 

* update* Bau Bar has now moved to a new address on Świdnicka street

Bau Bar, ul. Świdnicka 12/16

Tel: 733 974 562, Facebook Page

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