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Sidebursting Toasts: Bar Witek

At Wrocław Uncut we like nothing more than to bring you reviews of our city's hip, newly opened bars, cafes and restaurants. In doing so however, we have admittedly not done enough of late to inform you of some of Wrocław​'s many classic, unpretentious venues. We've sought to remedy that today by bringing you a review of Bar Witek, a no-nonsense toasteria that has been making giant toasties at knock down prices for years. 

Located just a stone's throw from the Rynek on Wita Stwosza 40 (there is a sister branch on al. Armii Krajowej 8/1 too), Bar Witek has to be one of the most cheap and cheerful venues you'll find in the old town.

The advert in the bar's windows says they have the best toasties in town, and although that is a debatable claim, it is certainly the toasted sandwiches for which Bar Witek is best known. Jam packed full of yellow cheese and mushrooms, the toasties often collapse and are practically impossible to eat by hand. Nevertheless, the messy snacks are loved for being filling and great value, and the place has been doing steady business for years selling them to hungry customers.

Toasted sandwiches are always best when eaten by hand of course, and having ordered ours we sought about attacking this monster of a meal. Doing so is easier said than done however, and seemingly requires a reasonable degree of luck and skill – something that we didn't have in abundance on our visit. Curious how everyone else managed to devour these beastly toasties, we couldn't help but have a little peer around the place to spot how the locals go about it. Most opted for the novel idea of using a fork and knife, which basically supported our hypothesis that Bar Witek's side bursting toasted sandwiches can't be eaten by hand. 

Ok, so the toasties are large and difficult to eat, and don't exactly look the most appealing (the photo on the right should be enough evidence for you). Do they taste good though? Well that very much depends on how hungry your are. These modest, no-nonsense toasties are done in an unpretentious fashion, with lashings and lashings of cheese and mushrooms (+ ham, salami and chili peppers if you want) crammed between two slices of bread and grilled in a toast machine. This is a world apart from your panini's and toasted baguettes of this world – you won't find any pesto, mozzarella or rucolla here. The emphasis in Bar Witek is very much on delivering a satisfying, stomach filling meal that's warm and tasty, as well as being both crunchy and soft in texture. 

Clearly the value factor makes Bar Witek popular, with one of their toasted sandwiches only costing between 7-10zl each. They also do Polish style French bread pizza's (Zapiekanki) and roasted chicken legs, all of which can bought at similar prices. Bar Witek do take-away as well, and on our visit there was no shortage of people getting their toasties wrapped up to carry home. Indeed, the atmosphere in the venue somewhat reminds you of a humble British fish and chip shop (albeit with a much different smell!).

All in all, Bar Witek will hit the spot for anyone with a tight budget in need of a quick, larged sized meal. We're not sure if their toasted sandwiches are the best in town, but there can be no doubt that they are the most legendary! 

bar witek wroclaw

Bar Witek, ul. Wita Stwosza 40/1a

Tel: 71 344 68 40, Facebook Page

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