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Pracoffnia Reborn: Wiezienna Pub (CLOSED)

Of all of the venues in Wroclaw that have come and gone over the years, Pracoffnia, housed in the old prison on Więzienna​ street, is arguably the one we miss the most. The cafe that replaced this most characteristic of pubs was no match for its predecessor, not only due to a lack of an alcohol license, but because of a lack of anything remotely interesting at all. Thankfully a new team have revived this new premises and made it a pub again, bringing the spirit of old Pracoffnia back to the prison courtyard – albeit with a few of their own twists. 

The retro cinema seats, sewing machines and old screen projectors that defined Pracoffnia are all long gone of course, but Pub Więzienna​ have made a decent effort of making a nice looking bar of their own. The place is kitted out in a traditional manner, with its classic wooden furniture bucking the trend of the many new bars going for a more modern, colourful approach.

One of Wiezienna's strong points is the vast selection of drinks to choose from. You'll find different varieties of beer and wine on tap and in bottle, and it's obvious the owners are seeking to attract a crowd who know what they're drinking. The beer on offer is usually from the Czech Republic or a local Polish brewery, while the wine is sourced from all around the globe. The prices are rather reasonable too; 7zl is enough for a large Holba or a glass of wine. 

Those that were frequent visitors to Praccoffnia may remember the old pub's Achilles heel was the toilets, which stank beyond belief. Fortunately this new venue has sorted that out, and there's no need to take a clothes-peg with you every time you have a call of nature. 

The music in Więzienna Pub​ on our visit was a nice blend of genres, encompassing soul, mo-town, rock, indie, electro and funk. This helped to foster a fun yet somewhat relaxed atmosphere in a venue where the time passes by rather quickly. Should you feel you need a snack or two to sober up, Pub Więzienna​ also offer some moderately priced snacks, including the classic bread with smalec and pickled cucumber.

All in all, we have to say that Więzienna Pub​ is a great addition to Wroclaw's nightlife. The prison courtyard has been brought to life again (sadly just at the wrong time) in style, which is something we've all been waiting for. The characteristic look of Pracoffnia might not be there, but the more comfortable surroundings, cool music and broad selection of drinks, make Więzienna Pub​ more than worthy of a place in your weekend agenda. 

Pub Wiezienna, Ul. Wiezienna 6

Tel: 693562620, Facebook Page

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