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Szynkarnia: Classic Produce, Contemporary Style

Wrocław's never ending torrent of cloned, European style cafes offering the same decor, food & drink, have had us question where our city's invention has gone to. In Szynkarnia however, we have evidence that are there some restaurateurs in Wrocław prepared to take a chance by trying something a little different.

A venue unique in Wrocław, Szynkarnia is a delicatessen, specialist beer pub and contemporary cafe/restaurant all in one. It's a truly interesting concept, and one that makes you wonder how on earth it came about. It's almost like a group of people got a round a table and asked what they should have in their venue: "cheese, ham and sausages from quality farmers and producers" says one. The next to speak chips in and says "9 or 10 beers on tap, most of which should be Polish microbrews", while another wants a "fashionable cafe serving classic Polish produce in a contemporary setting". Finally the head of the project ends the matter and says "You know what? Why don't why just have all three?"

We are not aware of exactly how Szynkarnia came to this idea of course, and we don't even know if their unique concept will work in the long run. Nevertheless, we can say that we are fans of this new food buff's paradise, which is housed just round the corner from the mirage of commercial trash in Pasaz Niepolda.

On entering Szynkarnia it's the deli counter that first catches your eye, which is packed full of Polish cheeses, sausages and other cold meats from regional farmers and producers. Any of this produce can be bought at the counter and taken home. Alternatively, you can order one of the many items on the menu that use some of the excellent produce on display. These include a list of salads and breakfast options, as well as some flatbreads not too dissimilar to a pizza.

Photographed on the right, the flatbreads are made from wholemeal flour, baked in the oven and then served with a slivering of cheese, your topping of choice, and decorated with some ruccola. Varying in cost from about 9-15zl, the flatbreads might not look like the most inventive thing to come out of the kitchen, but that's not really point. It's the locally made produce that's the star of the show, and serving the cheese and meats in this fashion is a great way of bringing out their flavour.

The flatbreads are an ideal compliment to the many great Polish beers on tap in Szynkarnia, whose selection is now every bit as good as in Zakład Usług Piwnych. A large beer in Szynkarnia will set you back anything from 9-20zl, depending on what you order. Czech and Polish brews are amongst the cheaper options, with the Belgian varieties a little higher in price.  

The decor in Szynkarnia follows a number of contemporary trends, with bright colours, painted antique chairs, and tables that look like they belong outdoors. That might not be to everybody's taste, but what it does do is provide a modern setting for some of Poland's youth to fall back in love with their own country's produce.

Like most new places, we found the service in Szynkarnia to not be as well oiled as it should be. That said, the staff hadn't quite had the time to adapt to Szynkarnia's new, rather unusual concept, and were by in large very friendly. Given enough time to grown into its shoes, we reckon Szynkarnia has every chance of becoming one of Wrocław's coolest venues.

Szynkarnia panaroma

Szynkarnia, Sw. Antoniego 15

Tel: 733 808 134​, Facebook Page

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