Lech & Maria Kaczynski Boulevard Ceremony

Rafal Dutkiewicz and the chairman of Solidarity in Lower Silesia, Kazimierz Kimso, today unveiled the plaque on the newly named Maria and Lech Kaczyński boulevard​ located between the regional office and the river Odra. 

President Lech Kaczyński and his wife Maria died in the Smolensk air crash on April 10th 2010, which tragically killed all 96 people on board.

A crowd of more than a hundred people gathered for the ceremony, many of which where students from the very Wrocław​ high school where Lech Kaczyński​ gave a lecture in December 2006. There were also numerous representatives from the Lower Silesia branch of Solidarity, as well as local PiS councilors. The rest of the audience, who were most mostly elderly, held up a host of banners at the event, with one even reading "Polish President Murdered In Russia."

The banner represented the views of a passionate group of Poles who believe the crash was no accident, despite the Polish Government strongly denying it be the case. Opinions on the crash have divided the country, with others content to accept the government's findings and move on. The Kaczyński followers are far from convinced however, and constantly campaign for an independent inquiry.

In the immediate aftermath of the crash, Polish people across the political spectrum paid tribute to the President, but soon after tensions arose when Kaczyński was buried in Wawel Castle, a place normally reserved for Polish kings. That debate has now transferred to the increasing amount of streets and roads being named after the patriotic President, with Wrocław​ no exception.

Some will argue that the former President and his wife should undoubtedly be allowed a street in their name, given the fact that they loved their country so much. Nevertheless, those in the opposite camp will claim the President did not do enough during his tenure to deserve all of these accolades.

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