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Most audiophiles will tell you vinyl is the only way to go, regardless of the apparent benefits of digital technology. If you happen to be one of those enthusiastic analogue sound buffs, a music purist, or simply a lover of old-school records, Vinyl Cafe is bound to be right up your street. Taking some ideas from other alternative venues around the city, Vinyl Cafe have attempted to pull everything together in order to create the ultimate hipster hangout. 

A quick look around Vinyl Cafe reveals pockets of inspiration from both traditional and avant-garde venues across the city. The red walls and randomly selected old-fashioned furniture are Graciarnia-esque, while the large blackboards behind the bar bear a certain resemblance to Mleczarnia. The retro theme of the Cafe adds a sprinkling of Szajba to the mix too. On top of all this you'll find a continental selection of fresh pastries and cakes, German organic softdrinks and imported beers, free wifi, board games, plus the novelty of hearing classic tracks on vinyl. The end result is a one-size-fits-all hipster venue, that packs virtually everything a new-age liberal free thinker could want into its small but cosy interior. 

Prices are standard for the old-town, with a coffee costing between 5-12zl depending on how much stuff you want thrown in it. Various cakes are available for around 9/10zl a slice, while a bottle of Club Mate or Fritz Cola will set you back 7.5zl. The beer prices are extortionate however – the cheapest 500ml bottles are 9zl, making the nearby Rejs a much better option if you are after a decent brew that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

While the beer isn't the cheapest, there's no doubting the priceless value of Vinyl Cafe's aura. There truly is a magically nostalgic feel to seeing, holding and hearing vinyl records in today's computer dominated era. You never quite know what you'll hear next at Vinyl Cafe, whether it be a timeless classic or an obscure B-side. The walls are decorated with classic album sleeves spanning several decades and music genres, while on our visit, the record of choice was a quirky jazz album complete with eccentric running commentary. That didn't stop the local clientele from enjoying it blissfully, as if they were absorbing 'Dark Side of the Moon' for the 1st time. It wouldn't have surprised us in the least had William Shatner's cover of 'Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds' been next in line, with not a hint of sarcasm rippling from Vinyl Cafe's hipster crowd.

All of this eccentricity is no bad thing though – the odd-ball albums and singles add a distinct atmosphere to Vinyl Cafe, giving the place an undeniably hip, chilled-out vibe. On the face of it, you'll not find many better venues to kill a few hours during a cold or wet weekday. So go on be brave, and ask the DJ to stick a record on. 

vinyl cafe wroclaw

Vinyl Cafe, ul. Kotlarska 35-36, 

Tel: 508 260 288,​ Facebook Page


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