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Turkawka: Coffee On The Move

Turkawka, a trendy coffee shop and snack-bar/take-away, has opened its doors in the Jana Pawła underpass, a place more synonymous with dodgy kebabs and booze-filled convenience stores. 

The fact that someone has been brave enough to open up this kind of place in such an unattractive venue, speaks volumes for Wrocław's​ burgeoning love affair with good coffee and alternative vibes. Turkawka obviously think there's a market for those who might be in a bit of a hurry, but are still looking for something other than a bag of crisps and a can of coke to recharge their batteries. With decent take-away coffee and freshly made sandwiches at modest prices, plus a snug interior decorated with street art, it looks like Turkawka could be onto something. 

A quality cup of take-away coffee or tea costs 5zl, a lot cheaper than the likes of Coffee Heaven or Starbucks. You can also grab a small, freshly made sandwich for the same price. Sweet toothed Wrocławians may find it difficult to resist indulging in Turkawka's snack sized cakes too; on our visit there were attractive looking chocolate brownies for just 3zl. For those keen to take the taste of Turkawka home with them, you can also take a look at their relatively broad selection of coffees from around the world.  

If you are looking to shelter from the storm, or simply kill a bit of time waiting for your next tram, there is a small seating area in which to chill out and slow things down. Like a growing number of cafes, Turkawka have a 'bookcrossing' scheme whereby you can simply swap one of the books in the pile for one of your own. It's sods law what you might end up reading, but that's exactly the fun of it – you never know what you might find. 

The Jana Pawła underpass is admittedly not the most beautiful of locations in which to sit back and have coffee. That said, anyone strolling through this commonly used MPK hub who is in the need of a caffeine boost, would be well advised to check this place out.

Turkawka, pl. Jana Pawla II 2,

Tel: 603 330 928​, Facebook Page

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