Caffeinated Creativity: Roza Rozpruwacz

Another part of the artistic Nadodrze jigsaw, Róża Rozpruwacz​​ is a cool, arty cafe with a twist. As well as coffee and cakes, you can also buy various bits of homemade Jewellery and clothes, all of which are handcrafted here in Wrocław. On top of that, you can even have a go at making something yourself!

The concept of combing a creative workspace, shop and cafe is certainly an intriguing one. Róża Rozpruwacz are looking to tap into the curiosity of those willing to try their hand at creating their own designs with fabric. Literally anyone can come in and use the sewing machines on the tables. For complete beginners, the Cafe also run workshops to train you in the art. The lady running the place speaks good English too, so feel free to have a chat with her if you're thinking of having a go on one of the machines. 

Even if you're not interested in creating anything yourself, Róża Rozpruwacz​ is a sound place in which to pass the time with a coffee. There's a noticably open and friendly atmosphere inside, and you can easily have a good nose over what other people are doing while your there. The alternative clothing, accessories and Jewellery will also prove attractive to those seeking that something nobody else has. 

All in all, this is another welcome addition to the artistic Nadodrze scene. Rather than simply replicate the other cafe's in the area, Róża Rozpruwacz have created something in a different mold. The result is a fashionable creative hub, where people can congregate and bash a few ideas together. A must see for fashion lovers!

Roza Rozpruwacz​ ul. Jagiellonczyka 2

Tel: 504021612​, Facebook Page

Gregor Gowans

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