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Wine Bar Review: Winnica Na Solnym

This article was written by Mhairi Duncan.

Wrocław​ – an amazing place to drink vodka, and the beer offering is pretty decent too. But what is there for the wine drinker? Sadly, for a long time the choice has been limited to undersized, overpriced glasses of disappointing wine on the Rynek, or even no wine at all in many bars! The situation was getting dire, and this wine drinker had all but forsaken wine for beer… until the likes of Winnica Na Solnym appeared on the scene.

Nestled in the corner of a courtyard on Plac Solny, Winnica Na Solnym has been open since June 2012 with aim of bringing good quality wine to thirsty Wrocław​​ians at fair, affordable prices. The father-son enterprise ensures this philosophy by importing directly from small, family-run wineries, thereby guaranteeing a truly unique offering to a market saturated with predictable wines from large corporations.  As such, this is more than a simple wine bar, and customers may select a bottle from the on-premises shop to enjoy at home.  Very, very thirsty wine lovers can even place a bulk order for delivery anywhere in the country.


The range is predominantly French, as can be seen by the bar menu.  By the glass, the bar offers five reds, three whites and a rose from 8zl; dessert wine is available from 9zl and sparkling wine and Champagne are offered from 14zl per glass. Carafes of red, white or rose are set at 27zl apiece, and any of the shop’s range of wine and Champagne may be enjoyed on the premises for a nominal 20% corkage charge. Peckish wine lovers can nibble on snacks ranging from olives and breadsticks to cheese platters, and if you really can’t be tempted by any of the juicy vinous treats on offer then there is Skalak beer by the bottle and a smattering of soft drinks too.

Winnica Na Solnym is a tiny, cosy little snug of a bar, where time disappears amid modern Parisian-style décor and candlelight, while the summer months will see a charming patio of filtered sunlight warming your vino. The intimate atmosphere is augmented with an appropriate soundtrack of Edith Piaf or Serge Gainsbourg played at an ideal volume for heart-to-hearts and tete-a-tetes without fear of disclosing whispered secrets to the rest of the clientele.  It is a place for lovers to murmer and friends to giggle but above all it is a long-overdue and much welcomed haven for the neglected wine aficionados of Wrocław​​. Bon santé! 

Winnica Na Solnym​, Plac Solny 14

Tel: 696583527​, www.winnicanasolnym.pl

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