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Rejs Pub Wroclaw

Despite some small changes in recent years, this cozy, film themed bar on Kotlarska street is still a dependable place in which converse over a pint or two of decent lager.

In its heyday, Rejs Pub would be full to the brim with regulars chain smoking at the bar. Nowadays however, the introduction of the smoking ban as well as a minor facelift, have given the place a slightly cleaner feel. Thankfully though, none of this has damaged the pub's atmosphere and its soul remains largely intact. 

There's no mistaking the Pub's film theme, with posters and paintings dawning the walls – from Polish classic Sexmisja to Sci-Fi hit Star Wars. The clientele here like their music too, inducing a healthy diet of Polish and International rock. If you're the type that's put off your pint by the likes of the Black Eyed Peas or Justin Bieber, it's good to know you wont find any of that commercial garbage here. 

Local brews can often be found in Rejs, with there usually being one unpasteurise​d lager on tap. The furniture is basic wooden fare that you could quite frankly find anywhere, but quite frankly, who cares? The interior is covered in various colourful imagery of popular cinema, and is easily enough for you eyes to take in as you mull over a cold beer. 

All these things help to make Rejs a reliable venue for a few drinks, whatever the time of the day. In summer there is also the added bonus of Rej's neat little beer garden in which to pass the time.

In a city where so many venues seem to be desperately making wholesale changes to meet the latest fashion trends, Rejs is one of the few that is decent enough to just keep doing what it does right.

Gregor Gowans

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